Monday, June 29, 2009

Try Out This Front Pocket Koozie(R) Kooler

Kooler has always been popular as the picnic bag. Since kooler bags are durable and extremely portable, it is the first choice for carrying foods and beverages during picnic and travelling. Nowadays, people are also found it carrying while going for trekking. Whatever the purpose is, kooler bags are highly in craze. Nowadays, kooler bags are available in plenty but most of those found in market are not durable enough though available in comparatively lower price. Here, we have a new kind of kooler bags, which can interest you. Our new product is called Front Pocket Koozie(R) Kooler.

This all new Front Pocket Koozie(R) Kooler is truly spacious and you can stuffed it with all your foods and beverages. Moreover, our koooler bag is provided with two additional pockets, which are helpful for carrying dry items. In other words, this Front Pocket Koozie(R) Kooler is the ideal lunch sack. You can also carry any sports bottle, in the side mesh compartment. You can carry this bag, wherever you want.

The front pocket of this kooler bags is zippered and hence you can see all your items inside. Since the items inside are visible, you can keep a close watch on them. This Front Pocket Koozie(R) Kooler has a comfortable size of 1"w x 37"l, which makes it easy to handle and carry in anywhere. Available in a variety of colors, the Front Pocket Koozie(R) Kooler can be a hit item of your picnic ors trekking accessories.

Give it a try to know how much portable and useful it is.

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Blogger Lester King said...

Kooler is the most popular picnic bag. It is durable and easy to carry. I like that Front Pocket Koozie(R) Kooler. The size is just right. I also love the color. I really prefer black than any other color. trade show giveaways

September 16, 2011 at 2:19 PM  

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