Thursday, June 18, 2009

Solve Your Mechanical Problems with This Six-In-One Pocket Screwdriver

Are you looking for a pocket screwdriver, which can solve your mechanical problems at an ease? Then you must go for this compact and exclusive Promotional Six-In-One Pocket Screwdriver. With this excellent item, you can solve all your small mechanical problems yourself.

This innovative Six-In-One Pocket Screwdriver stands out from the other items of its kind due to its unique style. The best part of this pocket six in one screw driver is that it comes up with an attractive package of six, interchangeable, screwdriver bits; three, Phillips Head and three, cabinet style. All the six screwdriver bits look extremely stylish and trendy. Trend of carrying pocket screwdriver is not new, but this six in one pocket screwdriver is the latest craze nowadays. One of the main reasons behind it is that you are getting six screwdriver bits in a single item and you do not need to look for different screwdrivers for doing different works.

This small Six in one pocket screwdriver has silver trimming with contrasting, swing open translucent windows, which cast not only a stylish look but also makes, the tool easy to hold. Moreover, the small screwdriver bits of this six in one pocket screwdriver are magnetically secured in either end.

The tool enables you to do your job yourself, which otherwise require an engineer to hire from outside. Even more, this six in one pocket screwdriver is so small that it can be easily carried in the pocket or small purse. This small pocket screwdriver weighed only 0.15 pounds and it comes individually packaged in the poly bags for your convenience.

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