Thursday, June 18, 2009

Check Out this Durable Rubber Tape Measure (25ft)

Measuring tape is one of the essential items for daily necessity. Every day we need a measuring tape for any purpose or another. Normally the measuring tape, we use are prone to breakage, but the rubber tapes are advantageous because these are flexible and tough as well. If you are looking for any such measuring rubber tape, then check out this flexible and unique product of ours.

This durable rubber tape is exclusive in its construction and quality design. It comes up with a durable rubber casing and a tough lanyard. The lanyard holds this rubber casing tightly thereby making the rubber tape more durable. Moreover, this trimmed and compact rubber tape is fitted with a unique triple stop lock brake mechanism, which makes the rubber tape more sturdy and tough.

However, this is not all. Unlike the others, this all-new rubber tape has hardened acrylic coating, which highly protects the steel blade from being corroded or rusted in any way. Even more this flexible rubber tape is fitted with triple riveted end hook with bottom protector, which helps in making the rubber tape more hard and durable.

Available in four different colors, this new rubber tape is 2"h x 3 3/4"w, in size, which is truly small. Apart from the small size, it’s small diameter (1 1/8") is also an added attraction about this exclusive rubber tape. Easy to carry and highly portable this all new rubber tape is easy to carry This rubber tape is so small that it is hardly possible to understand that it measures up to 25ft.

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