Thursday, May 14, 2009


The best thing can gift to a serious sports person is any accessory related to the sport he or she plays. These accessories are the most cherished possession for any game lover. What comes to your mind when you plan to present something to a golfer? Must be some golf related accessories, right? Here is the latest GOLF COOLER KIT W/PINNACLE GOLD FX SOFT, which has it all. This is the ultimate gift for any golf lover.

Nowadays, there are too many gizmos and devices that always intend to beguile the amateur golfer into just purchasing them, with few swears like this will assist them “play like pros” etc. Whereas, in reality what you need most to play golf other than clubs are the golf balls, tees and divot repair tools. The latest and unique GOLF COOLER KIT W/PINNACLE GOLD FX SOFT has it all. It has one-pole imprint golf balls. There is the 15”x18” golf cooler bag, you also get a golf towel with grommet and hook, and it has two tees of ¾” tees. You will get the divot repair tool, foam can holder, dispencer, 3 pinnacle golf FX soft golf balls.

With so much to offer, this whole item is any golfer’s eye candy. The item code of this lovely kit is 34430. Do not waste time and get this golf cooler kit. You can gift this to a learner and to a professional player also. This is something, which both will live to have. Get this quickly for you and also for your near ones.

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