Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adventure Multi Tool

There are certain things that are must for you to carry while trekking or any kind of journey like, you need to carry light and few tools like pliers, bottle opener, knife, etc. It is often hard to carry each and everything as people often tend to forget some of them and that often creates trouble. However, now there is the latest product that will solve your entire problem. The newest Adventure Multi Tool is the ultimate product for you in this regard. This item has a compilation of all your essential items.

This Adventure Multi Tool has anodized aluminum finish and has very stylish looks. This latest adventure device includes small/large blade and has a can opener. There is the bottle opener with slotted screwdriver. To add more to its features, there is a Philips screwdriver also. There is a wire cutter, fishing saw and a file. For more convenience, there is one smaller slotted screwdriver. You get all these in one multi tool product.

For any kind of journey, this is the ultimate product as it has everything stuffed in it. You get all your useful items fitted in one tool. This chic item has multi-features that make it the most useful thing for any kind of journey. Even if you want to bestow it upon someone, you can do so. Any one would love to get this useful product from you. This is something, which you will need, in your day-to-day life. The item code of this multi-faced tool is 29840.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adventure LED Dual Light

If you are planning to buy a torch for you, then keep look for three qualities in it, one, its illuminating power, second its reliability and third the durability. Well!! In market you will see that almost all the torches endorse to have such features, but everyone does not have them all. You might be thinking that which one to go for then. Answer is the latest Adventure LED Dual Light. This latest torch has all the three features or you can say qualities. This is probably the best bet to go for this newest torch.

This latest creation has aluminum led flashlight and this has so much power that it can extend to become a lantern. Hence, you can easily take it while going for trekking; this will whip off all the darkness from your path. It is very easy to hold as it has black wrist strap to hold. You don’t need to worry regarding the battery also, there is 1AA battery included in it. This aluminum torch is sturdy enough to bear any kind of exhaustion. Now, you can even carry it for your long journeys.

By now, you just have fallen in love with this. This is one of the best products to gift your loved ones. Gift it to your friends or loved ones and be sure, they will love to get this from you. Give the useful and good looking Adventure LED Dual Light to your near ones who are planning to go for any adventure trip. The item code of this light is 29842. Grab this useful thing.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dynamo Survival Lantern

With the advancement of technology in this 21st century, the traditional things are also getting a new touch. The all-new Dynamo Survival Lantern is the best example of that. This lantern has given the traditional lantern a new touch of advancement. This is an ideal product for emergency. Be it a tornado or earthquake, hurricanes or power outages, this latest Dynamo Survival Lantern will never let you be without light. Now, your children will not suffer during the power cut, this lantern is there to give light to their books.

This latest lantern has some unique and quality features. You don’t need to worry about the battery, as this dynamo light is rechargeable. This will give a bright light with three light settings (1 led, 3 led, or 9 led). The stylish light has ABS construction and you can even charge with a cell phone charger/ adapter. There is a compass to help you also.

If you searching for some thing to gift your near ones than, this unique lantern is the ultimate gift. This new technology will surely stun and make your near ones happy. You can even plan to carry this along with you in your journey. This will bright up your path in extreme darkness, so carry it for your trekking also. The item code of this useful product is 31132. Therefore, it is wise from your part to go and get this product as early as possible. This is something that will come in use every time.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LED Roadside Safety Light

If you are looking for a light to help you in the dark, then stop looking here and there. The latest LED Roadside Safety Light is here to fulfill all your demands. This will enlighten your path in darkness, take it for trekking or you can even take it for your regular night walk. This product provides solutions where safe visibility is a problem.

This latest and stylish product is made from aluminum, hence, it is sturdy enough to use. There is a push button action with seven white LED bulbs and this give bright light. Again, there is a push button for 18M type LEDS. This torch is just perfect for a forest trip or trekking as it gives extremely bright lights, is equally sturdy, and has a nice battery back up. It has 3AAA batteries. It made it easy to hold there is a hand strap to hold. The bottom magnet provides adhesion to car and other metal surfaces. There is another mode, the third mode is six red LED’s flashing.

If any of your near one is going for trekking or any expedition, then you can gift this perfect item. You can use it while your daily night walks also. In case you are going somewhere driving in the night, this LED Roadside Safety Light is a must have for you. This product by its name itself ensures safety. So get one for you immediately. The item code of this safety piece is 44875. Go get it fast.

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Monday, May 18, 2009


If you have been searching for a perfect gift for your golfer friend, then stop looking for it now. The latest DELUXE CART CADDIE W/3 NIKE NDX HEAT GOLF BALLS is here to solve your entire problem. This is not only sophisticated but useful also. This is something which every golfer will love to have. You give this to any golfer, starting from a learner to a professional player also.

Other than clubs, the three main essentials for a game of golf are the balls, tees and the divot repair. This newest caddie has it all. The price includes one or two colors, one pole imprint on golf balls with your logo imprinted in one ink color on towel. Many products available are intended to tempt the amateur golfers into buying them. However, this golf caddis has everything in it starting from, tees, divot repair tool, and golf knife to clear or translucent bottle. There are 3 Nike NDX Heat Golf Balls 15" x 18" Towel ,10 2-3/4"Tees ,Divot Repair Tool, Golf Knife 30 oz. Clear or Translucent Tapered Bottle available with 3 golf balls, 1 golf ball or without golf balls.

DELUXE CART CADDIE W/3 NIKE NDX HEAT GOLF BALLS is the perfect product for any golfer and for any golf lover. This deluxe caddie has it all. This complete unique basket is filled with all the useful equipments. This deluxe cart will bring smile in any one’s face, so don’t waste time thinking, simply go, and get one for you. This is the ultimate product for the game of greens. The item code is 34326.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009


What do you think the best gift in a rainy season? It has to be an umbrella of course as that is the only thing that can save you from getting drenched while going to office. A person often doesn’t like to wear a raincoat, so for them having an umbrella is a must. If you are searching for a stylish and sturdy umbrella, then stop looking here and there. NIKE WINDPROOF UMBRELLA is here to solve all your problems.

This latest and stylish umbrella is very light weighted and is made up of reinforced fiberglass shaft. This product has an innovative “pinchless” design. This has the feature of a canopy. Hence, it is ideal for the game of golf. The sheath is made from 190T nylon fiber reinforced plastic double ribs frame for the strength and flexibility. To add a little more to it, it has custom contoured 100 percent rubber handle with a very swoosh design. You will this useful item in various colors like black/ graphite, black/ Yellow, black/ navy, etc.

The ultimate product for the season of droplets, this umbrella is best to gift someone. Every person loves to get some useful products, as gift and nothing can be useful then this item. Therefore, nothing can turn out to be more useful than this windproof item. It is sturdy and stylish at the same time. I guess you have already fallen in love with this item, then the item code of this NIKE WINDPROOF UMBRELLA is 34568. Go get it for you as well as for your loved ones.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


The best thing can gift to a serious sports person is any accessory related to the sport he or she plays. These accessories are the most cherished possession for any game lover. What comes to your mind when you plan to present something to a golfer? Must be some golf related accessories, right? Here is the latest GOLF COOLER KIT W/PINNACLE GOLD FX SOFT, which has it all. This is the ultimate gift for any golf lover.

Nowadays, there are too many gizmos and devices that always intend to beguile the amateur golfer into just purchasing them, with few swears like this will assist them “play like pros” etc. Whereas, in reality what you need most to play golf other than clubs are the golf balls, tees and divot repair tools. The latest and unique GOLF COOLER KIT W/PINNACLE GOLD FX SOFT has it all. It has one-pole imprint golf balls. There is the 15”x18” golf cooler bag, you also get a golf towel with grommet and hook, and it has two tees of ¾” tees. You will get the divot repair tool, foam can holder, dispencer, 3 pinnacle golf FX soft golf balls.

With so much to offer, this whole item is any golfer’s eye candy. The item code of this lovely kit is 34430. Do not waste time and get this golf cooler kit. You can gift this to a learner and to a professional player also. This is something, which both will live to have. Get this quickly for you and also for your near ones.

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Monday, May 11, 2009


Are you always confused when it comes to choosing a perfect gift for your loved ones? Well! The solution of your problem is here, you do not need to rack your brains anymore. Have a look at the latest and trendy 24OZ POLYCLEAR BIKE BOTTLE. This is such a product that will make you fall in love with it instantly. This is an ideal gift for people of all ages and anybody will love to get it. This will give you the required recognition and appreciation.

You might be thinking, why 24OZ POLYCLEAR BIKE BOTTLE is so popular? It is so popular because firstly, it looks very cool and secondly it keeps your drink cool. In this hot summer, nothing can beat this beverage ware. This has a great value in a sport bottle. For any sporty person, this is an ideal gift as it is very easy to squeeze yet it is equally durable. You can this trendy bottle in four translucent colors like translucent blue, clear, translucent green and translucent red and to add something extra to it, the lids are available in nine different colors.

This latest 24OZ POLYCLEAR BIKE BOTTLE is strong enough stand up to the rigidity of a regular commute, recurrent traveling and multiple workouts, still it is stylish enough to carry. The item code of this beauty is 34238. 24OZ POLYCLEAR BIKE BOTTLE can prove to the best gift item at present as in such heat what people needs the most is water, this will help to quench your thirst any time. So, do not waste time thinking, just go and get one.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

29 oz. UltraFlex Water Bottle

Water is something without which no living being can survive. We need this to survive and lead a healthy life. After any kind of activity, the only thing people want is water, especially in hot summer days. We require water to quench out thirst after exhaustion. Even if we stay at home and relax water is equally important and the need of this need is felt even more after indulging in any kind of sports or activities that requires strenuous work. Hence, it is essential for us to carry a water bottle with us every time. Nowadays, people go want to carry trendy stuffs, be it anything, even a water bottle also. Therefore, now the latest and stylish 29 oz. UltraFlex Water Bottle is here to solve all your problems.

This sturdy bottle is patterned with FDA compliant material. The ultra thin construction preserves the durability of polycarbonate with high flexibility. This is extremely handy and stylish to carry. This useful bottle has a leak proof cap with loop attached to the bottle. Even you will not face any difficulty to clean the inner side of the bottle; it has a wide mouth. Filling water is also because of the wide opening. One thing you keep to keep in mind is that this beverage ware is for hand wash only.

29 oz. UltraFlex Water Bottle is not only stylish but is equally useful. This is one of the best items to gift someone. If you have liked this product, then the item code is 26785. Just go and got it. You will be benefitted.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oasis Gift Tote

Are you bored of carrying the same bag for shopping? Are you searching for some green-friendly item? Then look no further, here is the stylish and latest Oasis Gift Tote. For shopping during the daytime or going for it in the night, this cute tote bag is just perfect for you. This oasis Gift Tote is not only stylish but is also environment-friendly.

The Oasis Gift Tote is a cute mini one and it provides unique gift bag opportunity at a great value. If you have a little tight budget, this is the perfect product for you. You can keep it for yourself and think of gifting it. You can use this as a cute bag to carry on and go. The bag is made from sturdy material. This product is made with recycled content. This stylish and useful tote is completely recyclable. If you are looking for something to give away during you product launch, then this can turn out to be a prefect one. You can imprint your company logo in this bight colored Tote bag. You will surely get the deserved attention.

This adorable mini bag offers strong handles and has a very sharp look. Stuff lots of goodies in it and bestow it upon someone, you will definitely be remembered for this. The item code of the cutie bag is 46788. Immediately go and get one. This will not only give you the desired recognition, but will ensure environmental safety also. In case you are getting it for your use or to gift to your near ones, this will still prove to be the best.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Channel Convention Tote

Are you searching an economical promotional item for your company? Well! Do not rack up your brain any more. The latest Channel Convention Tote is here to solve your entire problem. This is an economical solution for all your promotional requirements. If you were looking for a perfect promotion to gift away at your next launch, then this latest Channel Convention Tote is the best. This will definitely bring you the deserved recognition.

This useful and trendy Channel Convention Tote has 24” shoulder straps and the one of the most inexpensive solution for your needs. This is not only economical but is eco-friendly also. This tote is made with recycled content and is 100 percent recyclable. Channel Convention Tote comes in different colors, thus you can choose one of your favorite color. This tote bag is made up of tough material. It is extremely durable. You can imprint your company logo in it, in case you wish to do so.

In this stiff competition, this is a great way to promote your business. This tote bag has enough space to fit all your required accessories and is equally comfortable to carry. If you want it to gift your loved ones, then also you can go for it without any hesitation. 46778 is the item code of this lovely product. Do not waste times in thinking, simple go and get this useful item. I am sure, you will not regret later. People will remember you if you give them this eco-friendly useful item.

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