Monday, April 13, 2009


Are you looking for a trendy as well as handy blender for your travel? Then no need to rack your brains. This latest MIX & GO CUP is perfect product for you. The trendy Mix & Go Cup is simply ideal for any outdoor activity. It mixes and blends with ease. The design of the all new Mix & Go Cup is very stylish and trendy and is convenient to carry as well as use anywhere.

Mix & Go Cup, the ultimate cup mixer is an ideal product to gift somebody. It gives areal better mixing performance. You can now think of mixing the pancake batter outside your home also, or can beat an egg even if you are in a jungle. This trendy Mix & Go Cup has the storage container for drinks and sauces. Hence, for you picnic, this is a very useful item. In this spill proof design cup, you can easily mix and blend your recipe.

This cup is also equally essential for mixing baby formula, health and diet drinks. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving your loved one some gift, than simply go for this Mix & Go Cup. This blender cum mixer not only is useful for outdoor purpose but also for your home. For quick and easy blending of batters or juices, you can now think of this Mix & Go Cup. The item code of this trendy and useful Mix & Go Cup is 29625. So, quickly make up your mind and get this useful mixing cup for you.

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