Friday, April 17, 2009


What do you think is the right thing to gift someone in this era of global warming? Yes, anything which is biodegradable, environment friendly. Here is the ultimate product for you; the latest EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER. It is the perfect product to gift someone keeping in mind the need of the present environmental conditions. This tumbler is the product of the latest progression of drink ware.

The very stylish and trendy EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER is cup-holder friendly and lets you enjoy 16-ounces of your favorite beverages while promoting an eco-alert image of you. This new 16 oz tumbler is made up of biodegradable material and it biodegrades in as little as one year if placed correctly in a managed landfill. The EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER is made up in the US. You can even think of putting this tumbler inside a microwave to heat up your hot chocolate or any of your favorite drink because this is a microwave safe product. It is a top rack dishwasher. To add a little more to its wonderful features, this EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER comes in different colors like Sandstone Red, White, Green, Blue and Burgundy. And to gift it to someone, you don’t need to think about the packaging, this cup-holder friendly tumbler comes in custom eco-friendly packaging.

This eco-friendly tumbler is an ideal product to carry your child’s drink also. Be it any drink, you can now carry it to anywhere without any tension. The tumbler will keep it safe. So, make up your mind fast and go green with this eco-friendly tumbler. The item code of this item is 44379.

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April 18, 2009 at 7:59 AM  

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