Friday, April 24, 2009

ECO Blanket

In winters, nothing is cozier than cuddling up to the fireplace, wrapped in a warm blanket. Therefore, here is the latest ECO Blanket for you. This unique eco-friendly blanket is as soft as it is chic. Were you searching for something, which is really warm and green-friendly? Then, I am sure you have found the right product now.

This stylish, soft and environment-friendly ECO Blanket is a made up of mixed fiber, 80 percent of bamboo fiber and 20 percent of cotton. This is an extra soft fleece blanket with an embroidery work done. ECO Blanket is extremely light weighted. This blanket is free from any harmful chemicals and all the soaps and spinning oils applied while making are all biodegradable. Hence, you can now freely use it for your kid also. The presence of cotton gives you the added comfort. The fiber of this ECO Blanket adapts to your body temperature nicely. This fiber is even safe for someone who is allergic as bamboo has antibacterial properties. It is also a renewable resource, which helps to enhance soil quality.

ECO Blanket is the perfect product in this period of global warming. If you are planning to gift this to someone, then do not worry, you are giving the right thing. Such an eco-friendly product is safe and good for your child’s health; this will give a real warm touch in chilling winter days. Therefore, the item code of this useful and stylish product is 45010. Go and get one for you now.

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