Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recycled Venture Vertical Portfolio

To save our planet earth, the only thing, which we can do now, is, use environment-friendly products. We must use biodegradable items and say a strict no to plastic. What you need to do is switch into green-friendly products, buy eco-friendly products that comes in your daily use. People have also become very conscious recently, they appreciate products, which are eco-friendly. Hence, if you are thinking of giving a gift to someone who loves green-friendly product, then look no further. Here is the latest Recycled Venture Vertical Portfolio. This is an ideal gift for any earth-minded professional.

This sporty Recycled Venture Vertical Portfolio is stylish as well as green-friendly. You will get multi-function organizer under the front flap. You can thus store a lot of stuff. This trendy environment-friendly portfolio has front zippered pocket. This extremely earth-friendly portfolio has side pocket for water bottle. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your thirst. The shoulder strap is adjustable and has the top grab handle. The best feature of this latest portfolio is that it is made from 51 percent recycled PET fabric.

This new Recycled Venture Vertical Portfolio has a lot of place for storage; you can now dump your stuffs in this go for your work. This is not only useful for you but also for nature. This is the right to show nature that you care and use nature-friendly products like Recycled Venture Vertical Portfolio. If you have really liked the product, then the item code of this is 46815. Go get it.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recycled Walking Enthusiast Kit

Nowadays, everyone is health conscious and do regular exercise to stay fit and fine. The most popular exercise is walking but still people avoid it in the summers because it becomes hard to walk without drinking water in hot days. So, are you looking for a stylish kit to carry your essentials while walking? Then do not go any further. This latest Recycled Walking Enthusiast Kit is here to solve all your problems. This handy kit is just what you are looking for.

This unique and stylish kit is made from 51% recycled pet fabric. Hence, this useful product not only will keep you in shape but also your beloved planet. This is an environment-friendly item. This stylish walking kit is useful in recent period when the major concern is global warming. In this kit, you will get a stainless steel water bottle. The carrying case can be worn across the body like a sling pack or you can wrap it around your waist like a hip pack. You will get zippered interior compartment for storage. Therefore, you can now stuff many things. It features reflective piping and webbing to ensure safety and has an earphone outlet for MP3. If you love to walk while listening to music, then this one is the ultimate item for you.

The item code of the Recycled Walking Enthusiast Kit is 46816. Do not waste times on thinking, simply go, and get one for you. This kit is perfect to gift your near and dear ones. This green-friendly carrying kit is really useful and stylish as well.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Terra Recycled Note Book

With increasing rate of global warming and decreasing availability of natural resources, the major concern of today is how to save our beloved planet! The only suggestion given to us is to use recycled products, use biodegradable products. This is only way to save out planet. Using recyclable product can only make sense. Whatever little effort you make, can really make a lot of difference. In this regard, this most useful product is the Terra Recycled Note Book.

Nowadays, a note is the most widely used item. Be it a student or a corporate man, a notebook is necessary for everyone. Therefore, this latest Terra Recycled Note Book is a revolution. This can be recycled completely. Each 60-lined sheet is recyclable. Thus, this makes it a very useful and environment-friendly. This recycled notebook is spiral bound, thus it gives it a very smart look. This comes in three earthy colors.

With such product in hand, you can spread the message of going green. Your children will also learn the value of environment and get the knowledge of using green-friendly product like this. In this time, this can also prove to be an ideal gift for any occasion. You can plan to bestow this Terra Recycled Note Book upon your loved one, and be sure that you will be remembered. The item code of this useful product is 44801. Do not think twice, simply go and get one for you, in this period of global warming, this environment-friendly product is the perfect one.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

ECO Blanket

In winters, nothing is cozier than cuddling up to the fireplace, wrapped in a warm blanket. Therefore, here is the latest ECO Blanket for you. This unique eco-friendly blanket is as soft as it is chic. Were you searching for something, which is really warm and green-friendly? Then, I am sure you have found the right product now.

This stylish, soft and environment-friendly ECO Blanket is a made up of mixed fiber, 80 percent of bamboo fiber and 20 percent of cotton. This is an extra soft fleece blanket with an embroidery work done. ECO Blanket is extremely light weighted. This blanket is free from any harmful chemicals and all the soaps and spinning oils applied while making are all biodegradable. Hence, you can now freely use it for your kid also. The presence of cotton gives you the added comfort. The fiber of this ECO Blanket adapts to your body temperature nicely. This fiber is even safe for someone who is allergic as bamboo has antibacterial properties. It is also a renewable resource, which helps to enhance soil quality.

ECO Blanket is the perfect product in this period of global warming. If you are planning to gift this to someone, then do not worry, you are giving the right thing. Such an eco-friendly product is safe and good for your child’s health; this will give a real warm touch in chilling winter days. Therefore, the item code of this useful and stylish product is 45010. Go and get one for you now.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eco Bamboo USB 2.0 Drive 2GB

In this decade of technologies, people have come down to use small and compact USB flash drives instead of floppy disk or a CD. From top executives to ordinary computer operators to even students, everyone is having a flash drive in their pocket. Also it is one of the most useful products you can give to some. Yet people get confused while selecting a flash drive. There are numerous available in the market but it is always better to take the best one. You will now get the latest Eco Bamboo USB 2.0 Drive 2GB. This drive also ensures environmental safety along with the technical aspects.

The stylish and green-friendly Eco Bamboo USB 2.0 Drive 2GB is made up of bamboo which is a sustainable resource. This feature of the drive gives it a special place in the period of global warming. It is has a very compact shape and operates really fast. The storage capacity is 2 GB and has a more durable design. The device stores data densely compared to any other removable media. Nowadays USB ports appear on almost every current mainstream laptop or PC, so it is the most useful device for anyone.

You can plan to give your logo a green look with this Eco Bamboo USB 2.0 Drive 2GB. If you are thinking for any promotional product, then stop now, here is your perfect gift, the newest Eco Bamboo USB 2.0 Drive 2GB. Equally you can of giving it to your near and dear ones in some private occasions. The item code of this flash drive is 45963. Hurry up and quickly get one.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

LINKA Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens are omnipresent in modern culture. Although there are many other forms of pen available, people often go for ballpoint pens. And also whenever you get stuck on what to gift, this is the ultimate solution for you. Don’t you think in the era of global warming and such bad environmental conditions, it is better to gift something which is environment friendly, which is biodegradable!! Here is the ultimate product for you, the latest environment-friendly LINKA Ballpoint Pen. Pen is something which is essential for almost every person in this earth, so whenever you think of something to gift, a pen is your ultimate solution.

This stylish new LINKA Ballpoint Pen has the twist mechanism and it is also 76 percent biodegradable. Hence, if you are planning to give away some promotional gift items on behalf of your company, then this biodegradable LINKA Ballpoint Pen is your ultimate solution. This writing instrument is made up of plastic, corn plastic. Still, because it is biodegradable, it is an environment-friendly pen.

This is the perfect promotional gift, as because a pen is the most useful product for any person. Also, if you give this LINKA Ballpoint Pen, it will portray your environment-conscious nature of you. LINKA Ballpoint Pen is also equally ideal for your children. This will not give them a good quality writing instrument but will also make them realize the importance of using environment-friendly products. The item code of this pen is 45024. So, hurry up!! And get this LINKA Ballpoint Pen for you.

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Friday, April 17, 2009


What do you think is the right thing to gift someone in this era of global warming? Yes, anything which is biodegradable, environment friendly. Here is the ultimate product for you; the latest EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER. It is the perfect product to gift someone keeping in mind the need of the present environmental conditions. This tumbler is the product of the latest progression of drink ware.

The very stylish and trendy EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER is cup-holder friendly and lets you enjoy 16-ounces of your favorite beverages while promoting an eco-alert image of you. This new 16 oz tumbler is made up of biodegradable material and it biodegrades in as little as one year if placed correctly in a managed landfill. The EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER is made up in the US. You can even think of putting this tumbler inside a microwave to heat up your hot chocolate or any of your favorite drink because this is a microwave safe product. It is a top rack dishwasher. To add a little more to its wonderful features, this EVOLVE 16 OZ GT TUMBLER comes in different colors like Sandstone Red, White, Green, Blue and Burgundy. And to gift it to someone, you don’t need to think about the packaging, this cup-holder friendly tumbler comes in custom eco-friendly packaging.

This eco-friendly tumbler is an ideal product to carry your child’s drink also. Be it any drink, you can now carry it to anywhere without any tension. The tumbler will keep it safe. So, make up your mind fast and go green with this eco-friendly tumbler. The item code of this item is 44379.

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High Sierra Fat-Boy Day Pack

A daypack is undeniably the most functional and useful bags existing in any baggage store. The day packs are very nice for regular use; starting from textbooks to sports equipments, such day packs are boon for us. However, people often get confused while choosing the right one, as there are numerous such products available in the market. Anyways, now you don’t need to hop around to find the best one. High Sierra Fat-Boy Day Pack is here to solve all your problems.

The High Sierra Fat-Boy Day Pack has multiple large compartments and a very trendy design. This jumbo day pack not only keeps your accessories, but also protects them. Although there are many brands available in the market, yet it is always preferable to get the best in the business. The High Sierra Fat-Boy Day Pack, one of the best day packs available in the market has front pocket organizers, CD/media pocket with a molded headphone port. The feature of this multi-functional day pack includes s-shaped vapel, mesh airflow, padded shoulders straps with suspension system and also a cell phone pocket. This is the best luggage carrier for those who are not ready to compromise on quality.

The baggage to carry while traveling, this day pack is equally durable. For any kind of trip, be it a short business trip or a long family vacation, this is the ultimate one to carry. The item code of this trendy, stylish and useful product is 25198. So, make it fast, and get one for you. This is one product for which you will never regret.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Colored Acrylic Tumbler - 16 oz

Do you like to hold a stylish tumbler in your hand to drink? So, here is the latest Colored Acrylic Tumbler. This will definitely keep your coffee or tea as hot as you like, also this will fulfill your wish of holding a trendy drinking product in your hand till you reach the destination. The colored acrylic tumbler is exceedingly trendy to carry, it comes in a glass shape and it is very easy to hold. You don’t need to worry about the coffee or tea when you have this chin colored acrylic tumbler around.

The colored acrylic tumbler has a very durable acrylic outer and a very strong stainless steel interior combined with the non-spill stainless lid. This makes it an attractive and extremely functional product for all. The stainless lid is also leak proof, so do not worry about spilling of your drink and messing up your dress. This is the ultimate product for traveling. The colored acrylic tumbler has a capacity of 16oz.

This drinking product keeps both hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold. Now, your problem of drinking chilled water while traveling is gone, you can bank of this colored acrylic tumbler. You can even think of carrying your child’s milk or juice anywhere. You can be sure that the drink inside the tumbler will not get spoiled. Also, it is an ultimate product to gift someone. So, hurry up and get this extremely useful product for you. The item code of this very useful colored acrylic tumbler is 23567.

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Monday, April 13, 2009


Are you looking for a trendy as well as handy blender for your travel? Then no need to rack your brains. This latest MIX & GO CUP is perfect product for you. The trendy Mix & Go Cup is simply ideal for any outdoor activity. It mixes and blends with ease. The design of the all new Mix & Go Cup is very stylish and trendy and is convenient to carry as well as use anywhere.

Mix & Go Cup, the ultimate cup mixer is an ideal product to gift somebody. It gives areal better mixing performance. You can now think of mixing the pancake batter outside your home also, or can beat an egg even if you are in a jungle. This trendy Mix & Go Cup has the storage container for drinks and sauces. Hence, for you picnic, this is a very useful item. In this spill proof design cup, you can easily mix and blend your recipe.

This cup is also equally essential for mixing baby formula, health and diet drinks. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving your loved one some gift, than simply go for this Mix & Go Cup. This blender cum mixer not only is useful for outdoor purpose but also for your home. For quick and easy blending of batters or juices, you can now think of this Mix & Go Cup. The item code of this trendy and useful Mix & Go Cup is 29625. So, quickly make up your mind and get this useful mixing cup for you.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Wenger Tech Compu-Backpack

Nowadays, laptops have augmented in popularity and diminished in price. So, people have started using laptop computers instead of desktop computers. Even students are using laptops for their school assignments rather than using a notebook. All this has happened because people can carry laptops anywhere; also it is very much appealing. But to carry a laptop is not so easy. Although not heavy, but it is not that light. So, it’s always better to carry it in a backpack. If you are confused about which backpack to buy, then stop getting confused now. The latest and very trendy Wenger Tech Compu-Backpack is here.

This Wenger Tech Compu-Backpack has many facilities. The zippered main compartment can hold a 15.4" laptop and also contains media storage pocket with earbud port and mesh pocket. The front zippered pocket contains full organization panel. There are two side mesh water bottle pockets also. Padded back panel features Wenger's Airflow moisture.

To carry a laptop in a backpack is always easy than carrying it in a briefcase. The all new Wenger Tech Compu-Backpack is specially designed to help you keep your investment in a safe custody while providing you the desired convenience. This backpack not only keeps your hands free but also portrays a smart look. While travelling, this Wenger Tech Compu-backpack is the best place to keep your laptop. Also this is can prove to be a perfect gift for anyone. Note down the item code of Wenger Tech Backpack, it is 33780. Immediately get one of Wenger Tech Compu-Backpack.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sport Pack

Do you get confused every time while selecting a perfect gift for your sporty child? No, you don’t have keep on thinking about what to buy. All you need to do is check out this all new Sport Pack. This latest product is the ultimate gift for any sportsperson. It is always feasible to gift something which is useful. For any sportsman, nothing can be better then this Sport Pack. With this, you will definitely create the required impression.

This trendy and latest item is a great alternative to the duffle. This backpack allows you to carry athletic equipments like balls or any other accessories. This strong Sport Pack is made up of 420d diamond/PVC. It is very handy and easy to carry. This backpack has top front pocket with a headphone port and a zip closure. The main compartment of the Sport Pack has the main compartment zip closure with small interior organizer. Sport Pack has shoe pocket on each side that too with a zip closure. With so much space and pockets, this backpack is an ideal product to carry your sports’ goods. There is a separate section to carry your drinking bottle also. Hence, this is the complete storage of your equipments.

The Sport Pack is so very useful that anyone will fall in love with it. You can even use this bag for your travel purpose. Therefore, if you are still in a dilemma, then stop thinking and go and get this Sport Pack for you. The item code is 35609. Be quick.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Pin Point USB Light

Have you been looking for that perfect companion who can show you the path while your night journey? Then, perfect product for you is the Pin Point USB Light. This is a very portable and stylish light that will glow up your path in dark nights. This latest product is very useful while traveling. Now you don’t need to worry about batteries and other things for your light. This Pin Point USB Light easily plugs into USB port to light up.

The Pin Point USB Light has the bending neck. You can easily bend it to adjust direction of the light beam. Because of this feature, it is very flexible to carry. The light is made up of tough material and is very durable. You can now get rid of the tension of changing battery for your light. This latest and trendy Pin Point USB Light has the facility to plug in to usb port.

So, now if you are going for trekking, you don’t need to worry, you have the Pin Point USB Light to show you the right path. This is also a perfect gift for your dear ones. No need to rack your brains to choose a gift. It’s pretty sure that the person will love your gift. Not only while travel, this light is even useful in your day-to-day life. The ultimate gift for any occasion, this Pin Point USB Light is very stylish and useful. So, if you have not yet made up your mind, then think again and go get it. The item code of the product is 25182. So, hurry up!!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LED Folding Tec Tool

Do you often forget to put something while packing the other? Have you gone astray while deciding on what device to take and what to leave? Then, you don’t need to rack your mind to find out what is more important. Here is the ultimate companion for you during your travel, LED folding Tec Tool. This LED folding Tec Tool is a compact all in one device that will solve all your problems. This Tec Tool has everything compiled in it.

This very useful and handy Led Folding Tec Tool has spring loaded pliers in it; the spring loaded pliers are very flexible and easy to use. There is a led light to glow your path in darkness. The knife, awl, saw add up to the Led Folding Tec Tool. To help you in your journey, this compact and useful product also has a bottle opener and 2 flathead screwdrivers. Even though Led Folding Tec Tool has so many items merged in it, it is still handy and easy to carry. It comes with a nylon belt pouch.

Not only this Led Folding Tec Tool is useful during travel, but is equally useful in you day-to-day life. The devices that make the Led Folding Tec Tool will come in use for you in your daily life’s work. Now, you don’t need go here and there to find a screwdriver or pliers. With this product around you can sit and relax. Once you but this single product, you will get all your required devices in it.

The item code of this product is 30894. So, hurry up and get one for yourself.

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