Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wrap Tumbler

Are you a kind of a person who loves to have hot coffee while going to office? Then here is the ideal product for you, the Wrap tumbler. Inside this Wrap Tumbler, your coffee or tea will definitely stay hot till you reach your destination. Even if you are looking for a handy tumbler with a glass shape, then your perfect product, the Wrap Tumbler is here. This Wrap Tumbler is extremely handy to carry. With this Wrap Tumbler around, you do not need to worry about your coffee or tea. You can have a cup of hot coffee or tea any time now.

This 16oz Wrap Tumbler features a unique vinyl wrap cover that gives it a very trendy and stylish look. It has a double wall construction with stainless steel inner shell which ensures the effectiveness of the product. The double wall construction helps the stuff inside to remain as hot as it was for a longer period of time. The Wrap Tumbler comes with a push-on spill resistant lid, and because of this kind of top cover, the chance of leakage is negligible.

This Wrap Tumbler not only keeps the hot stuff hot, but also keeps the cool stuff cool. Hence, if you want to keep chilled water with you while your way to any destination, then this Wrap Tumbler your ultimate friend. So, you can now carry your child's milk or juice without any tension, be sure it will remain as it was. This extremely useful tumbler is a perfect gift for your dear ones. So, make up your mind and get the Wrap Tumbler. The item code of the Wrap Tumbler is 23832.

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