Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Golf Bag Water Bottle Cooler

Have you gone astray while deciding on what to gift someone who is in love with Golf ? Then, now you don’t need to rack your mind to find out some new ideas. The only thing you need to do is look into this very sophisticated golf bag water bottle cooler. It is assured that you will fall in love with it instantly. This is such a gift which any Golfer of any age would love to receive. And not only to a golf lover, one can also give any of your near and dear ones.

Now one question can arise in your mind, why to have a golf bag water bottle cooler? Then the answer is, firstly, it is has got a very cool look and along with it, this bag keeps the content in it also very cool. Well, that also hears to be pretty cool. So how will it be having one for yourself ? Well, anyone would like to have one – whether you are a golfer or not a golfer. As the summer is approaching, you should make sure that while going to a golf field, you are sufficiently stocked with some cool water to satiate your thirst.

To top it all, this bag also comes along with two of the most important golf equipment, and they are tees and divot repair tools. In this bag you will get 15 tees and 1 Divot repair tool. The bag weighs about 0.23 pounds which makes it extremely handy to carry. This component has black imprint and comes in assorted colors unless specified. Moving around in a golf course, whether you are walking or even by a car, can turn out to be both tiring and exhaustive. This cooler bag will help you calm yourself down.

So, if you have still not planned to buy it, then think again. The item code of this useful product is 36421.

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