Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner

People often hate executing the game of golf when it is raining. Many of them even buy an umbrella to walk around the course. Sometimes, it is a pain, when the golf ball gets mucky and muddy. What attracts a lot of mud, are the dimples on the ball, and thus, it ruining the purpose of having them. Now, we have a very nice solution for this. Here is the PGA Merchandise Show award winner: Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner.

This ballzee golf ball cleaner, cleans your golf ball in a very safe and unique way. Now, you will no more get irritated cleaning the ball after every stroke. This very useful and effective golf ball cleaner completely soaks inside and squeezes out the excess water. It is very handy and fits flat in the pocket keeping the pocket bone dry and also keeping you out of the trouble using some bulky and difficult cleaning products. This golf ball cleaner comes with the instruction card inside. So, you will not face any problem while using it for the first time.

Do you love to see your golf ball dazzling and clean? Then don’t waste time thinking, simply get this amazing Ballzee golf ball cleaner. This will not only keep you golf ball clean and clear but also it will keep you away irritation of hanging up you game of golf due to rain. Now, you can even think of playing in the drizzle. If you have really loved the product, then, jot down the item code, it is 34595.

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