Monday, January 26, 2009

A Stylish Carabiner with Compass

In the corporate world, everyone knows the great value of exceptional promotional gifts. People are also aware today about the effectiveness of these corporate gifts. They are excellent in terms of winning the confidence of your clients. If you are a little thoughtful about the type of promotional gift that you choose, you can really do a lot to boost the image of your company. Why don’t you think about gifting a nice Carabiner with Compass? This would be a very unusual gift and that will help in making your company stand out. Those who are interested in mountaineering or tree climbing will definitely like this Carabiner. It is perfect for those who love to go out on expeditions. If you are aware that your client is setting out for a mountain climbing or hiking trip, then gifting this would be the perfect thing to do at that time.

When you look at the features of this Carabiner closely, you will notice what a fantastic product it is. The carabiner is only 8mm long, but it is very effective. Its ergonomic shape makes it very easy to clip the rope. It comes with a strap and split ring. The bend in the gate helps in clipping and unclipping. It is lightweight and has a perfect strength to weight ratio. The metallic part of the carabiner is anodized so that it offers better corrosion resistance. Those who have used this product appreciate its strength and lightness. Any good carabiner should have these features. With this item, you don have to worry about the quality. The material is excellent and you will not have any problem with it. Another unique thing about this carabiner is that it features a wonderful compass to mark the direction, whenever you want to. By going through our website, you can find out other types of carabiners as well.

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