Monday, January 5, 2009

Recycled Advent Mono Pack: An Environment Friendly Product

Do you love short trips to nearby places? If your answer were yes, then you would definitely like this wonderful Recycled Advent Mono Pack. Bags are essential for all kinds of trips and if you are traveling alone then you will not need to bother at all with this bag. It is lightweight and this makes it easy for you to carry. As it scores full marks in terms of its looks, you can remain assured that wherever you go, this bag will be a good showstopper.

You can use this pack as a great gift for those who love to collect different kinds of backpacks. If you have the promotion of your company in your mind then, no one can beat you when you think of gifting such lovely and stylish corporate gifts. So, what makes this advent mono pack so special. The most important feature of this product is that it is made by using 51 percent recycled fabric. So this pack, is excellent for those who are conscious about protecting the environment.

The pack has a side mesh pocket for a water bottle and it also comes with a front zippered pocket. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it convenient for use. You will be surprised to note that this product will be absolutely ready to be shipped in just 6 business days. So you need not wait for a long time for the delivery of your product. If you are looking for more backpacks then you can browse through our range of products.

The next time you are planning to set out for a little adventure, make sure that you remain equipped with this modern sling pack. It is truly a smart combination of ecological value and perfect style. Look good with this modern sling pack and save the environment at the same time.

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