Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Promote Your Company with Organic Bag Recycler

Everyone is going green these days, not with jealousy but in a good way. That is because people today are more interested in protecting the environment and the earth for additional damages. The trend of wearing organic as well as recycled t-shirts and clothes is in vogue, but that is not all. Organic or recycled fabrics can be used for making a wide array of useful articles. Have you heard about something called an Organic Bag Recycler? That is one of the latest introductions in the world of organic. This product is highly recommended for those are fashionably environment savvy. If you use this as a promotional product, then you will be doing a good thing for your business. People will have a good impression about your company as would be promoting the use of organic items.

This organic bag recycler is very convenient for your home as you can easily hang it on the door handle. You can also hang it on hook. The purpose of this bag is to store as well as dispense plastic grocery bags, so that you can reuse and recycle them. For easy refilling, it has an easy tuck opening. To get an easy access to bags, it has a wide dispenser. This unusual product is made from pure organic cotton fabric, thus you can be assured about the quality.

Note down the item code, which is 38782. This is very essential for placing the order. In case, you want to learn something more about the product, you can also give us a call to get the details. Remember that once you place the order, it will be ready for shipping in six business days. 3-day rush is also available. You can also look at our range of tote bags such as Classic Cotton Meeting Tote, Portofino Beach Tote, Convention Air-Tote, Regatta Race Tote, Cubari Tote Bag, Frame Convention Tote and more.

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