Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fantastic Carabiner Style Clip Watch cum Bottle Opener

Once, you take a look at Carabiner Style Unisex Bottle Opener Clip Watch you will be excited to own it. Now if you choose this wonderful gift for promoting your company then unfailingly you will get the desirable results. Your clients will have a good impression about you if you choose this unique item as a gift. The Carabiner style appearance makes this corporate gift perfect for those who are adventurous and love to climb mountains. Thus, additional knowledge of your client’s tastes will be an advantage. This gift will be excellent for all those who love sports style watches. This clip watch looks as if it is made for the rough and tough. What is amazing is that it also functions as a very good bottle opener, making it a great item when you are traveling or enjoying picnics. It also has a very compact but effective compass, which acts as a very good direction marker. Now you will be able to enjoy your little adventure trips with this amazing clip watch. This three in one product gives you the liberty to remain relaxed when you are traveling. To order the product you should note down the item number, which is 29954. Hurry up and order as 24hour rush is available!

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