Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Digital Jump Rope Takes You Back To Your School Days

Go back to your with this excellent Digital Jump Rope. This is not an ordinary jump rope that children play with it, but a new and innovative product for all those who are really interested in fitness and health. With this jump rope, you can bring a variation to your normal exercise routine. If you are bored with the same old exercises that you do everyday then their digital jump rope will offer you good company as you exercise. You will be able to recall those childhood days when you used to jump around and skip. That was playtime for you. However today you can cut down your weight and remain fit as you use this jump rope. It features an intelligent digital counter, which counts the number of times you jump. The wonderful jump rope comprises a 10' ABS plastic rope that also has an adjustable length. The material is of high quality and quite durable at the same. Now you can enjoy your exercise routines in a scientific manner.

Ordinary promotional gifts such pens, calendars, key chains, note books are very common. Thus, if you want your promotional gifts to make a mark then this digital jump rope is the perfect one. It can also boost your company’s image effectively. If your clients are connected with health and wellness clinic and gyms then this product will be very good for them.

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