Monday, January 19, 2009

Count Your Steps with a Designer Pedometer

This designer top-view pedometer is a perfect gift for fitness freaks. Even if the recipients of the gifts are not into walking and exercising, you can at least inspire them to take an interest in fitness with your gift. In that way you would be motivating them to step into a healthy lifestyle. Now if you have a pharmaceutical company or you are related to the health industry, then this gift will be excellent for promoting your company. If you choose this item or other promotional gifts such as stress relievers, stress balls, and other toys, then you can begin this year on a good note.

This fantastic designer top-view pedometer looks smart and it will really help you count your steps when you take the initiative to walk. Studies have shown that if you wear a pedometer then it really helps you a lot to get more exercise everyday day. With this pedometer you will be encouraged to walk more and improve your speed and stamina. Walking is one of the best forms of physical activities today and this instrument will make life much better for you.

The item number for this product is 29621. You can note down this number. The good news is that 24 hour, 2, and 3 days rush is available. Thus, you we can get this produced for you as fast as possible. Once you order the product it will be ready to be shipped in 6 business days. You can avail this wonderful gift item in shades such as black, blue, purple, red, green, and orange. This product is lightweight and you can easily carry it with you, in your pocket or bag. Our website also features other pedometers such as top-view stepper pedometer, walking enthusiast kit, pedometer with light, clip-on pedometer, Sportline FM radio pedometer, and more.

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