Friday, January 30, 2009

Trendy Aberto Bottle Opener for Promoting Your Company

Many of you will certainly agree that selecting promotional products for your business clients can be quite an experience. Since you buy corporate gifts in bulk, you will have to chalk out a budget for your gifts. So if you wish to leave your mark without spending too much then you can settle for gifts like promotional bottle openers. Well you don’t have to look around for the right on when you have the Aberto bottle opener right here. I hope that this gift will fit your budget well.

Your clients will definitely be impressed with this kind of gift. A good bottle opener like this one will always prove to be handy. If you know that your client loves to drink and throws parties very often then you can never go wrong with this gift. Another fascinating thing that you will notice about this bottle opener is that it comes with a beautiful key ring. If your client likes it then he can use it for his car keys. That would be a great opportunity for you to advertise your brand’s name. You will get a nice gift box with this bottle opener and keyring.

Quality is a very important factor in case of any promotional gift. The case is the same with this bottle. It is made by using the best material so that it lasts for a long time. The longer it lasts, the better impression you can create on your client. You would not wish your promotional item to break or spoil in a few days. That can spoil your business relationship. To have a look at a variety of corkscrews, wine and bottle openers, you can visit our website. The choice is wonderful and you will surely like one.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fantastic Carabiner Style Clip Watch cum Bottle Opener

Once, you take a look at Carabiner Style Unisex Bottle Opener Clip Watch you will be excited to own it. Now if you choose this wonderful gift for promoting your company then unfailingly you will get the desirable results. Your clients will have a good impression about you if you choose this unique item as a gift. The Carabiner style appearance makes this corporate gift perfect for those who are adventurous and love to climb mountains. Thus, additional knowledge of your client’s tastes will be an advantage. This gift will be excellent for all those who love sports style watches. This clip watch looks as if it is made for the rough and tough. What is amazing is that it also functions as a very good bottle opener, making it a great item when you are traveling or enjoying picnics. It also has a very compact but effective compass, which acts as a very good direction marker. Now you will be able to enjoy your little adventure trips with this amazing clip watch. This three in one product gives you the liberty to remain relaxed when you are traveling. To order the product you should note down the item number, which is 29954. Hurry up and order as 24hour rush is available!

When you take pains to buy stylish outfits and always look fashionable, you also require wearing the trendiest of accessories to match your style. To find out our unique collection of watches you can take a look at our website. You will be amazed to discover watches like women’s Bostonian analog watch, elastic wrist watch, men’s Cienna analog watch, Ridgeline chronograph watch, men’s Distinction analog watch, women’s spotlight analog, men’s titan analog watch, and the list goes on. Thus, no matter what the occasion is, you will always be ready with a stunning watch.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Stylish Carabiner with Compass

In the corporate world, everyone knows the great value of exceptional promotional gifts. People are also aware today about the effectiveness of these corporate gifts. They are excellent in terms of winning the confidence of your clients. If you are a little thoughtful about the type of promotional gift that you choose, you can really do a lot to boost the image of your company. Why don’t you think about gifting a nice Carabiner with Compass? This would be a very unusual gift and that will help in making your company stand out. Those who are interested in mountaineering or tree climbing will definitely like this Carabiner. It is perfect for those who love to go out on expeditions. If you are aware that your client is setting out for a mountain climbing or hiking trip, then gifting this would be the perfect thing to do at that time.

When you look at the features of this Carabiner closely, you will notice what a fantastic product it is. The carabiner is only 8mm long, but it is very effective. Its ergonomic shape makes it very easy to clip the rope. It comes with a strap and split ring. The bend in the gate helps in clipping and unclipping. It is lightweight and has a perfect strength to weight ratio. The metallic part of the carabiner is anodized so that it offers better corrosion resistance. Those who have used this product appreciate its strength and lightness. Any good carabiner should have these features. With this item, you don have to worry about the quality. The material is excellent and you will not have any problem with it. Another unique thing about this carabiner is that it features a wonderful compass to mark the direction, whenever you want to. By going through our website, you can find out other types of carabiners as well.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Serenity Yoga Mat for a Relaxing Day

When people hear the term yoga they and think about of some form of stretching and breathing. However, yoga is more complex that what you think. Yoga is very good for your body and it also has the power to prevent many diseases, if you practice it regularly. The most crucial equipment for practicing yoga is a good yoga mat. The Serenity Yoga Mat will definitely serve the purpose.

Many people are taking an interest in yoga nowadays and this mat will act as perfect gift for those health conscious people. Depending on the type of yoga that you follow, you have to choose the mat accordingly. Sometimes the yoga mat can be a large and thick towel. For other forms of yoga, you have to get a certain yoga mat by rummaging sport shops. However, the Serenity yoga mat saves you from all this trouble of finding different mats. This Serenity yoga mat suits all kinds of yoga. So whether you are new to yoga or practice an advanced form of it, you can easily use this mat. It is good for yoga experts as well as beginners.

The advantage of the Serenity yoga mat is that it will help you remain focused and balanced while managing the different stretching poses. As far as comfort is concerned, this mat is excellent. The kit comes with a nice textured mat and a Velcro strap so that you can roll away the mat when you are not using it. After you order this mat, you will get it delivered in 6 business days.

You can also browse through our different kinds of fitness and personal safety products such as flip-top floating container, Laguna beach mat kit, calorie counter jump rope, exercise fitness set, pedometer, Slimline flip-top, hard hat, ad-alert jumbo whistle, and other items.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Digital Jump Rope Takes You Back To Your School Days

Go back to your with this excellent Digital Jump Rope. This is not an ordinary jump rope that children play with it, but a new and innovative product for all those who are really interested in fitness and health. With this jump rope, you can bring a variation to your normal exercise routine. If you are bored with the same old exercises that you do everyday then their digital jump rope will offer you good company as you exercise. You will be able to recall those childhood days when you used to jump around and skip. That was playtime for you. However today you can cut down your weight and remain fit as you use this jump rope. It features an intelligent digital counter, which counts the number of times you jump. The wonderful jump rope comprises a 10' ABS plastic rope that also has an adjustable length. The material is of high quality and quite durable at the same. Now you can enjoy your exercise routines in a scientific manner.

Ordinary promotional gifts such pens, calendars, key chains, note books are very common. Thus, if you want your promotional gifts to make a mark then this digital jump rope is the perfect one. It can also boost your company’s image effectively. If your clients are connected with health and wellness clinic and gyms then this product will be very good for them.

If you browse through our fitness and personal safety category then you will come across many unusual products. You will be able to discover products such as a pedometer, hard hat, ad-alert jumbo whistle, Slimline flip-top floating container, calorie counter jump rope, exercise fitness set, Laguna beach mat kit, serenity yoga mat, walking enthusiast kit, ear plugs, twist cap water bottle, fitness CD, and more.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Count Your Steps with a Designer Pedometer

This designer top-view pedometer is a perfect gift for fitness freaks. Even if the recipients of the gifts are not into walking and exercising, you can at least inspire them to take an interest in fitness with your gift. In that way you would be motivating them to step into a healthy lifestyle. Now if you have a pharmaceutical company or you are related to the health industry, then this gift will be excellent for promoting your company. If you choose this item or other promotional gifts such as stress relievers, stress balls, and other toys, then you can begin this year on a good note.

This fantastic designer top-view pedometer looks smart and it will really help you count your steps when you take the initiative to walk. Studies have shown that if you wear a pedometer then it really helps you a lot to get more exercise everyday day. With this pedometer you will be encouraged to walk more and improve your speed and stamina. Walking is one of the best forms of physical activities today and this instrument will make life much better for you.

The item number for this product is 29621. You can note down this number. The good news is that 24 hour, 2, and 3 days rush is available. Thus, you we can get this produced for you as fast as possible. Once you order the product it will be ready to be shipped in 6 business days. You can avail this wonderful gift item in shades such as black, blue, purple, red, green, and orange. This product is lightweight and you can easily carry it with you, in your pocket or bag. Our website also features other pedometers such as top-view stepper pedometer, walking enthusiast kit, pedometer with light, clip-on pedometer, Sportline FM radio pedometer, and more.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Aloe Fresh Scent Pocket Sprayer for Those on the Go

Your handbag means a lot to you and it should have all essentials items. You would definitely fill it with your home keys, notepads, cell phone, and other important things for sure but you need something else as well. It is a modern hand cleanser known as Antibacterial Spray - Aloe Fresh Scent Pocket Sprayer. It is also one of the most popular spray products featured on this website. This alcohol based cleaner has the power to kill about 99.9% of the most common germs. As it is a waterless hand cleaner, you don’t require water at all while using it. This 8 ml pocket sprayer comes in a clear tube, so that you can see how much of the product you are using.

This aloe fresh scent pocket sprayer is very handy in places where you cannot find water. When you are traveling and want to snack on something, you must ensure that your hands are free of germs. Such germs are responsible for spreading many diseases that can lead to stomach infection. After all, if you fall sick, you will not be able to enjoy the trip. Thus, it is better to avoid the spread of diseases in the first place. It is always not easy to find soap and clean water for washing your hands before eating. That is when you will find this pocket sized hand sanitizer to be useful. According to health experts, alcohol-based cleaners are very effective in killing disease causing bacteria and viruses. This product contains certain ingredients, which help the skin from turning dry. Thus the next time you will be washing your hand suing this product, you will be experiencing less skin irritation and dryness.

You can also have a look at our other promotional products such as antibacterial hand sanitizers such as citrus clean scent pocket sprayer, aloe fresh scent micro sprayer, 2 in 1 antibacterial spray in aloe fresh scent, and more.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Modern Diaper Bag: A Boon for New Moms

If you are struggling a lot while thinking about unique gift ideas, you will be pleased to take a look at this diaper bag. Yes, you will find that this amazing diaper bag will serve as a very good corporate or promotional gift as it has many features that make it an awesome product. New or would be moms will be overjoyed to discover this product. A good diaper bag is like a blessing for young moms, when they have to go out with their infants. This diaper bag comes with a colorful changing pad. It also has additional built in compartments where you can store all the essential items for your infant. Its main compartment is quite large and it has a zip closure. You can neatly stack in the diapers, baby cream, burp cloth, diaper wipes, and more inside the bag. The long handle makes it easy for shoulder carrying. The interior zip pocket has a striped changing pad in a matching shade.

Gone are days when convention diaper bags gave moms a bad headache. The bags were not organized and moms had to rummage through the bags every time they needed something. A lot of time got wasted while doing that. However, new moms get to breathe a sigh of relief with this new diaper bag, as it is very prim and organized.

For a wide variety of tote bags, you can browse through our excellent selection. There you will find totes such as classic cotton meeting tote, Portofino beach tote, Convention air-tote, regatta race tote, Cubari tote bag, profiles drawstring convention tote, Vitario tote, Frame convention tote, suede tote, and the list goes on. Other totes such as pocket tote, contour mesh tote, foldaway trolley tote, nautical tote, chino deck tote, economy air-tote, jumbo air-tote, computer conference tote, and stripe tote will also excite you.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Collapsible Koozie Can Kooler: Your Best Companion

You will never be able to say no to this amazing Collapsible Koozie Can Kooler. The best thing about this can cooler is that you can take it along with you wherever you go. Life will become a lot easier with this can cooler. It can keep your drinks cool for quite some time. It is unique and folds so fast that you can just put it into your pocket, bag, purse and anywhere else. It is as easy as that. If you are considering about promotional gifts that will strike a chord with your customers, then nothing can beat this trendy gift. It is not meant only for the cool generation but for all. Anyone can carry it along. It is excellent not only for trade shows but also perfect for mailings. The fabric exterior is durable so that you can use it for a long time. What is more? You get this lovely can cooler in as many as 14 eye-catching shades. Make your pick from navy blue, royal blue, lemon green, bottle green, black, white, yellow, and more.

I am sure you have liked this stylish and useful product. However if you want to explore our range of exciting insulated beverages holders and koozies then you should have a look at our website. You will be amazed to find a collection of promotional gifts such as the Original Koozie Can Kooler, Collapsible Koozie Bottle Kooler, 4-Color Process Collapsible Koozie Can Kooler, 4-Color Process Performance Koozie Can Kooler , 4-Color Process Koozie Jersey Can Kooler, Energy Drink Koozie Can Kooler, and Deluxe Koozie Bottle Kooler. Our other promotional items in this category such as Promotional Golf Koozie Can Kooler, Promotional Koozie Karrier - Double, Promotional Beverage Tote - Single, Promotional Small Collapsible Bottle Carrier, Koozie Karrier – Double, Small Collapsible Bottle Carrier, Koozie Jersey Bottle Top, and Koozie Bottle Tank will also surprise you with their features and great looks.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Devon and Jones Sport Men's Convertible Windshirt to Beat the Chill

If you sport the Devon and Jones Sport Men's Convertible Windshirt during winter or on cool breezy days then you will not only be able to beat the chill but can also look absolutely cool. Whenever the weather becomes too gloomy, it is time to take out this pullover. You can brave the chilly winds once you are armed with Devon & Jones Sport Men's Convertible Windshirt. What is the best thing about this wind shirt is that it is made by using soft, Teflon treated polyester microfiber that can easily resist wind and water, guarantees comfort, and minimizes wrinkles as much as possible. The smooth and shining texture of the wind shirt vouches for an assured gold swing. The product weighs just 1.75 pounds and thus you can remain relaxed that it will not feel heavy on your body.

Please note down the item number, which is 41843. Hurry on as rush is available. If you are interested in buying the product then don’t waste time and just call us for all the details. Once you order it, you will get this wind shirt delivered to your location in just 10 business days. The special construction makes sure that the wind shirt will not hike up when you lift your arms. It has a nice mesh lined body, high V-neck self fabric panel, striped collar tape, and it is rib knit at collar back.

If you find that this convertible wind shirt appeals to you then you will definitely enjoy exploring our wonderful range of wind shirts and wind jackets. You can select from products such as Sport-Tek V-neck wind shirt with stripe trim, Ping Collection short sleeve pullover wind shirt, Sport-Tek nylon v-neck wind shirt, Port Authority Signature ultra-soft microfiber wind Shirt, Velocity wind shirt, Windjammer pullover, Vansport wind shirt, and Vansport v-neck wind shirt. Other products such as Eagle microfiber windshirt, convertible windshirt, convertible half-sleeve windshirt, women's wind jacket, Adidas polyester twill climaproof men’s windshirt, and Adidas full-zip jacket are equally appealing and stylish.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Promote Your Company with Organic Bag Recycler

Everyone is going green these days, not with jealousy but in a good way. That is because people today are more interested in protecting the environment and the earth for additional damages. The trend of wearing organic as well as recycled t-shirts and clothes is in vogue, but that is not all. Organic or recycled fabrics can be used for making a wide array of useful articles. Have you heard about something called an Organic Bag Recycler? That is one of the latest introductions in the world of organic. This product is highly recommended for those are fashionably environment savvy. If you use this as a promotional product, then you will be doing a good thing for your business. People will have a good impression about your company as would be promoting the use of organic items.

This organic bag recycler is very convenient for your home as you can easily hang it on the door handle. You can also hang it on hook. The purpose of this bag is to store as well as dispense plastic grocery bags, so that you can reuse and recycle them. For easy refilling, it has an easy tuck opening. To get an easy access to bags, it has a wide dispenser. This unusual product is made from pure organic cotton fabric, thus you can be assured about the quality.

Note down the item code, which is 38782. This is very essential for placing the order. In case, you want to learn something more about the product, you can also give us a call to get the details. Remember that once you place the order, it will be ready for shipping in six business days. 3-day rush is also available. You can also look at our range of tote bags such as Classic Cotton Meeting Tote, Portofino Beach Tote, Convention Air-Tote, Regatta Race Tote, Cubari Tote Bag, Frame Convention Tote and more.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Recycled Advent Mono Pack: An Environment Friendly Product

Do you love short trips to nearby places? If your answer were yes, then you would definitely like this wonderful Recycled Advent Mono Pack. Bags are essential for all kinds of trips and if you are traveling alone then you will not need to bother at all with this bag. It is lightweight and this makes it easy for you to carry. As it scores full marks in terms of its looks, you can remain assured that wherever you go, this bag will be a good showstopper.

You can use this pack as a great gift for those who love to collect different kinds of backpacks. If you have the promotion of your company in your mind then, no one can beat you when you think of gifting such lovely and stylish corporate gifts. So, what makes this advent mono pack so special. The most important feature of this product is that it is made by using 51 percent recycled fabric. So this pack, is excellent for those who are conscious about protecting the environment.

The pack has a side mesh pocket for a water bottle and it also comes with a front zippered pocket. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it convenient for use. You will be surprised to note that this product will be absolutely ready to be shipped in just 6 business days. So you need not wait for a long time for the delivery of your product. If you are looking for more backpacks then you can browse through our range of products.

The next time you are planning to set out for a little adventure, make sure that you remain equipped with this modern sling pack. It is truly a smart combination of ecological value and perfect style. Look good with this modern sling pack and save the environment at the same time.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Go Green with Anvil Men’s Organic T-shirt in the New Year

What is your New Year resolution this year? Of course, with the arrival of 2009, you have chalked down some points, which you are going to follow for the rest of the year, at least try to! Now if you are planning to go green then the best thing that you can do is wear organic cotton clothes. So why don’t you Anvil Men’s Organic T-shirt? It is not only cotton but made of 100% pure organic material. Only the best organic yarns as well as organic dyes are used to make the T-shirt, so that you can be proud of leading an environmentally responsible life. That is the advantage of this organic T-shirt, as it will make you feel good and impart the feeling that you are doing something good for the environment.

The fabric used is green and socially responsible, so you will not feel guilty of polluting the environment. The soft feel of the T-shirt makes you feel absolutely comfortable and this organic t-shirt can be availed in a variety of sizes so that virtually people with all body types can wear it. Thus in 2009, go green with Anvil Men’s Organic T-shirt. Another unusual thing about this is that you can avail it not only for men, but also in women's as well as youth sizes. When you look at the shades such as beige, white, green, blue, red, yellow, black, and more your heart will really go crazy after the product.

Note down the item number of the product, which is 42086, and call us in case you want to learn a little extra about the product. A good thing about this is that, you will feel comfortable at all times and can wear it whenever you want to dress casually. If you are looking for 100% Cotton T's, then you can browse through our website to discover many surprises.

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