Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Smart Manicure Set For Your Lovely Hands

You must know this that people are becoming very beauty conscious nowadays. So if you are searching hard for business gifts this festive season then you can opt for a variety of beauty or wellness products. I am not talking about cosmetics but something as irresistible as this lovely Manicure Set. Mere words are not sufficient to describe the beauty of this elegant product. This manicure set is very popular and it is a craze especially among women who love to flaunt their well manicured fingers. However, these days, men are no exception. They too take interest in their nails and like to keep them trimmed and clean.

Now you know that this unique gift is ideal for those from Mars and the others from Venus. You can keep both men and women happy with this gift. What is so special about this product? Look at it components. It has 4 essential items, which are required in a functional manicure kit. They are nail clippers, cuticle shaper, file, and manicure scissors. Use them every week and your nails will become the talk of town, or at least the talk of the office. After all everyone admires beautiful and healthy nails. The 4 components are enclosed in a charming, satin finish aluminum tube. The tubes come in four colors – blue, pink, black, and silver.

Don’t forget, 24 hour rush is available, so place your order right night. You can also give us a call. If you want to buy other products like spa and personal care gifts such as tooth pick dispenser, votive gel candle, paraffin wax candle, metal tin paraffin colored wax candle, shoe shine kit, mini jewel box, stick air-freshener, and pure aromatherapy ball then you can have a look at our website. You will definitely find a product of your choice.

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