Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Make the Right Impression with This Badge Holder with Lanyard

Is your company about to participate in a great trade show? After that you will be on a roller coaster ride as you will get introduced to a number of potential clients and your customer circle will also increase. However, you have to do something special for the trade show. Make the right impression among a crowd of various businessmen with this lovely badge holder with lanyard. This is a great selling as well as popular badge holder. It is perfect for meetings and trade shows. You need to project the name of your company in the right manner during events in which you get a good exposure. Don’t waste the occasion and make the most of it by allowing other business associates and customers notice you with the help of this eye catching badge holder. The holder has a transparent plastic view pouch so that you can carry the badge safely as well as promote your brand name at the same time. You will like this badge holder even more when you take a look at its features. It comes with nice pocket for holding your cell phone. The zipper pocket is very convenient for use and you will also discover that it has a business card holder.

For other lanyards and badge holders such as crystal-line neck wallet, retractable badge holder, caring heart retractable badge, triangle retractable badge holder, id/passport badge holder, or large square badge holder, you can visit our website. There you will also find products such as swivel business card holder with lanyard, ballpoint pen-on-a-rope, Penagain lanyard, Alicia Klein id security badge, retractable badge holder, 2-color pen-on-a-rope, and the Bryant mini pen-on-a-rope. All these products are absolutely great for special events such as trade shows. When you are participating in a reputed trade show, you can use these products as proper promotional gifts.

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