Friday, December 12, 2008

A Great Gift for Bookworms

The season for sharing corporate gifts is coming. What are you planning to do? How about gifting a nice bookmark to your clients? Just think if it! This is not a boring idea at all. All you need to do is, just take a look at Alicia Klein Bookmark and you will understand why is a fantastic gift idea. If you are searching for a nice way of promoting your bookstore, the nothing can be better than gifting these bookmarks.

This stylish Alicia Klein Bookmark has the cost of a vinyl bookmark and the appearance of leather. Don’t you think that this is a unique idea? What’s more? It has a nice pocket to hold your treasured photo. You are easily place a wallet sized photo in the window located just over the debossed area of your company’s logo. 24 hour rush is available and thus, you will get this produced in a day. If you want to go through other office items then you can go through our website.

You can offer this bookmark as a fabulous gift with for purchases that your customers make at a bookstore. If you are planning to launch a literacy program, then you can easily use these bookmarks to spread the awareness. You will surely be able to spread the right message. You can even offer this bookmark as a great gift along with school picture orders. The options are many.

Now if you want kids to get interested in reading, then why don’t you gift this bookmark to them? They will definitely turn into bookworms with this gift. You will be thus doing a good thing by promoting something as good and essential as reading. For new readers you can gift this as a reward or an incentive. For little members of reading group, this is just a little something. It is also a very good thank you gift for teachers. This charming vinyl bookmark with the cute photo will become a rage in your office. This holiday season you can present it to your colleagues and they will surely love it.

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