Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Promote Your Company with Trendy Vantex Fleece Outerwear

When it comes to choosing promotional gifts, you choose select items, which strike an instant chord with the recipients of the gifts. You can try out this lovely and trendy Vantex fleece outerwear. Let us look at some of the features of this fabulous shirt. It is made of micro fiber fleece and is anti-pill. As the Vantek outerwear is made of completely 100% polyester, you can remain assured about the quality. It is durable and also quite easy to maintain, making it perfect for those carefree kinds of people. The casual wear comes with a covered zip-neck and a right chest zip pocket. It features double-needle cover stitching, cuffs with open hemmed and a bottom with side vents.

The sizes available are XS to 3XL. Thus, you can be any size but you can always try out this wonderful fleece outerwear. It will fit well on anybody. That is so great about this excellent product, making it so popular. This fleece shirt will offer you all the comfort that you need but it will definitely feel very light on your body, as it weighs only 0.87 pounds. Can you believe it? You can also find out other fleece products in your site.

If you have liked this product then don’t make haste and note down its item number. The code is 38481, and as rush is available, you can give us a call us to learn more about the item from us. We will help you as much as we can. Once you order we will not be wasting time and deliver it within 10 business days. We know the value of time and how important it is for you. You will definitely have not problem with our high level of service.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Keep Yourself Dry with This Stylish Beach Towel

Where are you planning to go next summer? I am sure it is a fantastic beach destination, as most people in the world cannot resist pristine beaches and the blue sea. However, do you have the right beach towel for the occasion? If you want all eyes on you, then you will love this Port and Company Beach Towel. You can dry yourself in real comfort with this wonderful beach towel. It is highly absorbent and comprises 100% pure cotton terry velour material. The towel is created in such a manner that it will help dry you very fast. This charming towel is hemmed and it measures 35 x 62 inches; thus, it is large enough for all.

If you choose this as a promotional gift then your customers and client will be overjoyed with your choice. After all, most of them love the sea and the towel will give them the idea of going out on a vacation. Note down the item number of the product, which is 27594. As rush is available, don’t forget to give us a call to learn more about the product details. The product will be ready to be shipped to your doorstep in just 10 business days. Isn’t that amazing?

If you are interested in buying other towels and beach items for promoting your company then you can look at the wonderful related products on your website.
Products such as Preserver Personal Protector Kit - Beach and Pool, Beach Wine Table, Anvil Promotional Beach Towel, Anvil Midweight Beach Towel, Anvil Luxury Beach Towel, Port Authority - Zero Twist Resort Towel, Rally Towel, and Hyp Sportswear Costa Verde Beach Towel will definitely bowl you over. You can personalize these products and even order them in different vibrant shades. Now you will not have any problem while choosing corporate gifts.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Refresh Yourself with this Unique Mint Card

Are you taking part in a trade show in the end of this year? Then you must have thought of some great tradeshow give away gifts? If you are confused then here is some help for you. Have you thought about some simple yet irresistible gifts such as different types of mint? If you thought this idea is too common and it would not make an impact then you are wrong. Just take a look at this attractive Unique Mint Card. This is one of the best promotional gifts you can have for tradeshows. Just think about! There will be all sorts of people visiting the trade show and most of them will certainly have a sweet tooth. Moreover, who does not like mints? They are so refreshing and are ideals for people when they really have nothing to do.

This mint card is a very popular item and it is also one of the most ordered products of the website. What is special about the card is that can holds as many as 50 sugar free mints. As our mints are free from sugar, you don’t have to worry about problems like tooth decay and other dental problems. You can get mints in some popular as well as yummy flavors such as peppermint, lemon, and cinnamon. When you are ordering, make sure that you specify that mint flavor that you would like. You can call to find out more about the product. We can customize the product for you and print your company’s name and logo on it.

If you are interested in browsing through other promotional gifts on your site then you are welcome. You will enjoy yourself when you find other mints and related products such as small rectangular mint tin, 150 count cinnamon mints in hinged tin, cinnamon mints in slide tin, cinnamon mints in tall mint flip cap tin, peppermint gel mints in wheel mint dispenser, cinnamon gel mints in wheel mint dispenser, and 50 count peppermint credit card mints.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Make the Right Impression with This Badge Holder with Lanyard

Is your company about to participate in a great trade show? After that you will be on a roller coaster ride as you will get introduced to a number of potential clients and your customer circle will also increase. However, you have to do something special for the trade show. Make the right impression among a crowd of various businessmen with this lovely badge holder with lanyard. This is a great selling as well as popular badge holder. It is perfect for meetings and trade shows. You need to project the name of your company in the right manner during events in which you get a good exposure. Don’t waste the occasion and make the most of it by allowing other business associates and customers notice you with the help of this eye catching badge holder. The holder has a transparent plastic view pouch so that you can carry the badge safely as well as promote your brand name at the same time. You will like this badge holder even more when you take a look at its features. It comes with nice pocket for holding your cell phone. The zipper pocket is very convenient for use and you will also discover that it has a business card holder.

For other lanyards and badge holders such as crystal-line neck wallet, retractable badge holder, caring heart retractable badge, triangle retractable badge holder, id/passport badge holder, or large square badge holder, you can visit our website. There you will also find products such as swivel business card holder with lanyard, ballpoint pen-on-a-rope, Penagain lanyard, Alicia Klein id security badge, retractable badge holder, 2-color pen-on-a-rope, and the Bryant mini pen-on-a-rope. All these products are absolutely great for special events such as trade shows. When you are participating in a reputed trade show, you can use these products as proper promotional gifts.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Flash Drive That Fits Snugly In Your Wallet

What are your plans for buying gifts for Christmas? By this time you must be almost done with all your shopping. However if you still have a few more corporate gifts to buy then you can take a look at this handy gift - 1GB Credit Card USB Drive. In this age of modern technology, this gift will be useful for people coming from all backgrounds and belonging to all age groups. This unique gift is a beautiful credit card sized USB flash drive, of 1 GB capacity and it fits in easily in your wallet. Now whoever receives this gift will surely be happy. The product also includes a very convenient and stylish carry pouch. You can check online to learn about the current costs and available megabyte sizes. The gift includes not only a beautiful gift box but also a full color imprint on a side.

Did you know that the prices of memory cards are falling? They are going down and down. Why don’t you make the most of the situation? If you liked this credit card sized USB flash drive then you will be very happy to learn that 24 hour rush is available. Once you order we will get the gift produced for you within 24 hours. So don’t waste time and place your order right now. The item no of this product is 31417. You can also call us to know about the pricing. Browse through our website if you wish to learn more about the other products and gifts that we have for this festive season and other times. We offer USB flash drives such as 1GB Foldout USB Flash Drive, 4GB Velocity USB Flash Drive, Lexar USB JumpDrive Firefly, Biometric Strip USB Flash Drive, USB Slim Memory Card with Card Holder, Laser Pointer USB Flash Drive, and Mini Flash Drive.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Fashion Drawstring Backpack: A Cool Gift This Season

Everyone is fond of fashion in this modern world and you will find fashion infused in products like bags and backpacks. If you take a look at this Fashion Drawstring Backpack then you will understand what I am talking about. This drawstring backpack scores full marks in the fashion department. It is stylish and perfect for people of all ages. You will notice that it will be able to make an undoubted cool statement wherever you carry it. This can be a perfect gift idea during this festive season when everyone loves to receive gifts. This gift is great for those who love to set out alone for short trips. Don’t let its sleek looks deceive you as it has got a lot of space. Thus, you can stuff it with all the things that you need.

If you are going to the gym after office then this backpack can function as your gym bag. It is very durable as it is made using 210d polyester. It has a black base, but it is available in colors like green, blue, grey, and pink. 27573 is the item no code for this and place your order right now as 24 hour rush is available. We will produce it for you in a day.

If you are interested in other gifts like back packs then you can go through the products on our website. Other back packs such as Departure Mono Bag, Quilted Cinch Sak, Meridian Backpack, High Sierra Deuce Daypack, High Sierra Executive Sport Upright, High Sierra Axle Wheeled Book Bag, High Sierra Jack-Knife Pack, and High Sierra Fat-Boy Day Pack are very trendy. You will find that these bags are useful not only for executives and those related to the corporate world, but also for other people. There is at least one bag for everyone and every taste.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Smart Manicure Set For Your Lovely Hands

You must know this that people are becoming very beauty conscious nowadays. So if you are searching hard for business gifts this festive season then you can opt for a variety of beauty or wellness products. I am not talking about cosmetics but something as irresistible as this lovely Manicure Set. Mere words are not sufficient to describe the beauty of this elegant product. This manicure set is very popular and it is a craze especially among women who love to flaunt their well manicured fingers. However, these days, men are no exception. They too take interest in their nails and like to keep them trimmed and clean.

Now you know that this unique gift is ideal for those from Mars and the others from Venus. You can keep both men and women happy with this gift. What is so special about this product? Look at it components. It has 4 essential items, which are required in a functional manicure kit. They are nail clippers, cuticle shaper, file, and manicure scissors. Use them every week and your nails will become the talk of town, or at least the talk of the office. After all everyone admires beautiful and healthy nails. The 4 components are enclosed in a charming, satin finish aluminum tube. The tubes come in four colors – blue, pink, black, and silver.

Don’t forget, 24 hour rush is available, so place your order right night. You can also give us a call. If you want to buy other products like spa and personal care gifts such as tooth pick dispenser, votive gel candle, paraffin wax candle, metal tin paraffin colored wax candle, shoe shine kit, mini jewel box, stick air-freshener, and pure aromatherapy ball then you can have a look at our website. You will definitely find a product of your choice.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Make Your Picnic Plans with Connections Deluxe Picnic Cooler

How can anyone ever resist a gift like Connections Deluxe Picnic Cooler? With the season of merrymaking and happiness coming closer, it is very necessary that we don’t waste time and start buying gifts for our family, friends, and special ones. Don’t forget your clients and employees. They are very essential for strengthening any business. This is possibly the best time to promote your business. If you are looking for promotional gifts then you can opt for something like Connections Deluxe Picnic Cooler, which is a very charming gift.

The picnic cooler is very smart as it has nice organizer pockets to hold picnic accessories like spoons, forks, knives, and other things. This four-person accessory kit also includes plates, utensils, tumblers, corkscrew, and tablecloth. However, the accessory kit is packaged separately. It has a huge and spacious main compartment which can hold 48 twelve-oz cans. Isn’t that amazing? So that you don’t have to strain your arms and back, the bag has strong and padded carry handles for your comfort. If someone is not fond of traveling or of picnics then the person needs to have a look at the Connections Deluxe Picnic Cooler just once. That is all they need to do. He or she will instantly want to grab that picnic bag and set out somewhere to have fun.

Hurry up. 24 hour rush is available. If you liked the product then note down the item no, which is 25506. Place your order right now and you can also give us call for more details. You will get the gift produced within 24 hours. We are doing this especially for you as this is the holiday season. If you are looking for other insulated bags and coolers then you can visit our website. You will be able to find exciting products like 18-can insulated bag, 30-can rolling insulated cooler bag, insulated lunch bag, front zippered cooler bag, calypso 36-can party tub cooler, calypso cooler tote, vertical picnic cooler for four, and lunch caddy.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

A Great Gift for Bookworms

The season for sharing corporate gifts is coming. What are you planning to do? How about gifting a nice bookmark to your clients? Just think if it! This is not a boring idea at all. All you need to do is, just take a look at Alicia Klein Bookmark and you will understand why is a fantastic gift idea. If you are searching for a nice way of promoting your bookstore, the nothing can be better than gifting these bookmarks.

This stylish Alicia Klein Bookmark has the cost of a vinyl bookmark and the appearance of leather. Don’t you think that this is a unique idea? What’s more? It has a nice pocket to hold your treasured photo. You are easily place a wallet sized photo in the window located just over the debossed area of your company’s logo. 24 hour rush is available and thus, you will get this produced in a day. If you want to go through other office items then you can go through our website.

You can offer this bookmark as a fabulous gift with for purchases that your customers make at a bookstore. If you are planning to launch a literacy program, then you can easily use these bookmarks to spread the awareness. You will surely be able to spread the right message. You can even offer this bookmark as a great gift along with school picture orders. The options are many.

Now if you want kids to get interested in reading, then why don’t you gift this bookmark to them? They will definitely turn into bookworms with this gift. You will be thus doing a good thing by promoting something as good and essential as reading. For new readers you can gift this as a reward or an incentive. For little members of reading group, this is just a little something. It is also a very good thank you gift for teachers. This charming vinyl bookmark with the cute photo will become a rage in your office. This holiday season you can present it to your colleagues and they will surely love it.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Create a Storm with Hurricane Courier

Have you even been tired of being unable to fill all your necessary articles into your bag? All you manage to do is stash just a few of the items and then there is no more space in your bag! The perfect solution for you would be this Hurricane Courier Bag. Just like you, there are others who face this problem. Actually, this problem is quite common, especially for office goers. So, you would not make a mistake by choosing this as a corporate gift or a promotional gift.

Suppose you have head straight to the gym right after office. What would you do? Would it be a good idea to carry many bags for your gym gear? I guess not. The compact yet spacious bag is right here for you. The Hurricane Courier Bag is not only very colorful and stylish, but it has multiple pockets, so that you can put your whole world inside it.

This bag is also great for school going kids as well. If they receive this gift then they will certainly enjoy it. Just imagine their sense of pride when their friends appreciate the gift. This durable bag, made of high quality polyester comes with micro-PVC trim and is good for rough use as well. You can carry it to office for months and fill it will all those important files and folders. It can resist wear and tear, so just chill and relax.

The features of this bright and contemporary bag are so attractive. It has got a huge main compartment and a front flap buckle closure. There is a front zip pocket, an interior organizer, a cell phone pocket, a side mesh pocket as well as an additional pocket. That sounds like you can’t ask for anything better.

As this is 24 hour rush season you will get the product produced in 24 hours. So, order fast. If you are looking for other bags like computer bags and more then visit our website.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Travel Light with Xpeditor Wheeled Computer Backpack

Have you decided the promotional gifts that you are looking for? Don’t let this holiday season get wasted. You can make the most of it and promote your company in the right way. For that, you need something like the Xpeditor Wheeled Computer Backpack. You have never seen a product like this before and I am sure that your clients will be seeing it for the first time when you gift it to them. It will surely be a great surprise for them. This product is certainly different from regular back packs.

The Xpeditor Wheeled Computer Backpack combines the best of two worlds. It is like a two in one pack. You can also say that it is a backpack carry cum wheeled travel pack. That is amazing. When you don’t want to wheel around this carry-on sized travel pack you can convert it into a simple and stylish backpack carry. As far as durability is concerned, this backpack can withstand pressure and wear and tear as it is made with a durable material like 600d polyester. Features like file pockets within the main compartment and padded computer pouch makes it more attractive. It has a side zippered accessory pocket provided with an identification window. The pack also includes a detachable zippered daypack with an inside organizer and good backpack straps. The product weight only 5.50 pounds so it is perfect for anyone. Now no one can stop you from making your planned getaway with this great backpack.

As 24 hour rush is available make sure you order this backpack as soon as possible. We will ensure to get your product produced within 24 hours. Visit our website if you are interested in other backpacks such as Departure Mono Bag, Quilted Cinch Sak, High Sierra Deuce Daypack, Meridian Backpack, Side Dip Sling, or Indie Backpack.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Cosimo Ballpoint Pen is Mightier than Other Pens

Who does not require a pen? You are right, students, homemakers, executives, and everyone else loves to receive a pen. After all, you cannot do without one. Whenever you need to right down something you need a pen. Your life would be in a mess if you did not have a pen by your side (or in your pocket). Now if it is something like promoting your company then, you can never go wrong with the Cosimo Ballpoint Pen. Promotional gifts prove to be good for any business.

One of the primary advantages of using pens or for that matter any good promotional gift, is retaining your clients. If you gift a Cosimo Ballpoint Pen to your clients then you will pass a message of gratitude. This will not only please your clients but they will have more confidence in you, which means that your business will gain a lot. This Cosimo Ballpoint Pen is not just any other ordinary pen. It bears the design of the world map on its body. So whenever you look at it you just have to twist the pen in your fingers and you can glimpse all the countries and destinations on the globe. That sounds like a great idea. It also has one location laser engrave. You get a beautiful triangle gift box with the pen.

This glossy pen is made of brass and has a black sheen. 24hr rush is available, so order just now, if you want the product before the holidays. If you want to browse our selection of executive pens then you should make it a point to visit our website. You will be pleased to find a range of pens like Royal Executive Pen, Stone Desk Business Card holder, Zippo Grip It Twist, Zippo Grip It Roller Ball, Zippo Grip It Pen Set, Cosimo Ballpoint Pen, Amadeo Ballpoint Pen, Amadeo Rollerball Pen, and more.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Recycled Cardboard Journal: An Eco Friendly Gift

The holiday season is approaching fast and if you are looking for business gifts or promotional gifts for your company, then brace your self. Here is the extremely stylish and contemporary Recycled Cardboard Journal. Don’t just get lost in the unique appearance of the product. It is an Eco Friendly gift as well. Think about it. You will be saving the environment in a big way by buying this product made from recycled cardboard. So you are supporting a great cause. Don’t you think it is worth buying it?

This gift is made using 100% recycled cardboard. The cover of this journal is debossed with the universal recycling symbol as well. So, when the recipient learns about this fact he or she will certainly be proud to be its owner. Even the 100 sheets of unlined paper that the journal holds are made with recycled paper. What is more? Each page has the recycling symbol printed on it. That is very cool. All those who are concerned about the environment will be happy to receive this gift. The journal has trendy metal binder rings and an innovative-scored pen port of cardboard stitched on the front cover. That makes it very convenient for busy executives.

This product features under 24 hour production, so order as soon as possible and you will get it delivered before Christmas. We would be pleased to assist you, so give us a call. If you want to go through all kinds of beautiful notebooks and folios, then visit our website. You can discover gifts for people of all ages. You can choose from journals and notebooks like pocket buddy notebook, notebook mate school kit, essence journal, promotional navigator elastic pocket jotter, translucent notebook, Stratford executive card holder, and others.

Make a style statement with this classy journal that is made just for you.

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