Friday, November 21, 2008

Say Merry Christmas with This Wine Set

Christmas means a time for celebration and merrymaking. If you want to make this season special for your friends or clients, then you should gift them the best presents possible. Of course, they should fit in your budget. Have you heard of the Laguiole Trios 3-piece Wine Set? Visit our site today and discover what a true gem it is.

This 3 piece wine set is a perfect gift if you are looking for something classic and that which reflects excellent craftsmanship dating back to some centuries. The wine set looks just like the ones created in the old days by French knife makers. It is very light and weighs just 2 pounds.

Why just Christmas? This gift is ideal for any occasion of your choice. You will find the receivers glowing with joy with this impressive gift. Inside the display box made of natural grain wood, you will find a thermometer, a combination bottle opener cum knife, and a stainless steel wine stopper. What’s more? The wooden case comes with an easy sliding lid. The wood accents are aesthetic as well.

You can place your order right now. The product number is 24876 and hurry up. This item can be produced and packed in 24 hours. So don’t waste your time. Remember this is the rush season and we are here to help you in every possible way. You can get the name or logo of your company stamped on the box.

If you are interested in other similar products like wine gift sets, New York corkscrew set, wine carry bag, cheese board, and various other wine and beverage accessories then you can browse through the website, Discover a world of the most elegant gifts for this season, for promoting your company, and pleasing your friends.

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