Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get Weather Forecasts in the Tips of your Fingers

Are you in a fix about choosing the best promotional gifts for your company? Take a look at High Sierra Tahoe Portable Weather Station. It is a unique gift and your clients and customers will definitely be impressed. This business gift is perfect for anyone who likes to go on weekend excursions or loves traveling in general.

Now what are the features that make this gift so special? It is a weather station with an alarm clock. Whenever you go, you will be able to figure out the indoor and outdoor temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius. You also get temperature updates regularly. It allows you to find out the weather forecast for the next eight hours or so. You also get forecast updates in every 2 hours.

With clear weather icons such as Clear Sky, Rain, Party Cloudy, and Cloudy, you will have necessary information in your hand. If you want to check out the outdoor humidity, then this cute portable station will display the humidity ranging from about 20%-95%. Of course, every minute you will get the humidity updates. Don’t let its small size fool you. It has the capacity to measure barometric pressure every 15 minutes. This small wonder also has an outdoor remote sensor.

If you are looking for compasses and outdoor tools such as custom imprinted pop-up binoculars, 6 function adventure knives, rubber flashlights, FM radio pedometers, camping lantern, pc hiking set, charger, mini knife, and other items then you are free to browse through our website. You will surely find a gift of your choice. It weighs just 0.62 pounds, so you can imagine how light it is. You can carry it along with you whenever you set out to a new place.

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