Monday, November 17, 2008

Discover the Child in You With This New Game

If you want to promote your business then here is a new way of doing it. If you have got bored of the usual diaries, pens, calendars, and similar articles, then you can try gifting games. What about an Electronic Hand Held Ludo? This can be a new kind of gift and your customers will love it.

This Ludo game has both two-player and one-player options. You will never get tired of this battery-operated game. Do you want to know about the other features of the game? It can also function as an alarm clock and comes with a wonderful multi-function LCD screen. The perpetual calendar will help you keep track of important dates. You can display the time either in the 24-hour or12-hour format. Another great thing about this game is the indoor temperature display on Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

You will have no problem operating the game, as the instructions are included. You will also get a button cell battery with it. This cute game is very sleek and small, so that it fits easily in a corner of your bag. You can play the game while on the go and whenever you feel bored. In fact, you will always stay occupied if you play this game.

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