Sunday, November 30, 2008

Essex Leather Padfolio: A Smart Business Organizer

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…, yes once again it is time for fun and merriment. So how are you going to celebrate this year? You must have made your plans and make sure you don’t deviate from them. However, don’t forget about your clients, co-workers and fellows at office. You should surprise them with home serious gifts. Serious does not mean that the corporate gifts have to be boring. They should be smart and functional, so that every time the recipients use your gift at office or else where they feel grateful that you had made such a smart choice. This year choose a gift like Essex Leather Padfolio.

This padfolio is very useful item, for office. This elegant looking, sculpted leather padfolio is made is such a way that it neatly organizes all your business essentials. Now you don’t have to look around for different places to store essential things like CDs, files, etc. This compact and trendy organizer has multiple pockets to hold nicely everything from your bundle of business cards to important CDs and from your precious Blackberry to files. In fact, it also comes with a special gusseted pocket for keeping files. The Logomagic decoration feature gives you the option of dual branding opportunities.
This zippered padpolio has an outside pocket and also a molded pen holder. Of course, you will have to buy your own pen if you want to gift it as well.

If you want to place your order right now, you have to remember that the product code is 23722. This is the 24 hour rush season so make your pick as soon as possible, so that you have your gifts with you before the holidays. Hurry up and give us a call to find out more about the details. If you want to discover a range of exquisite folios and notebooks take a look at our website.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Take a Lunch Break and Enjoy It

Lunch times should be special as that is the time when you take a little relaxed break from work. Now if you have this smart Koozie Deluxe Lunch Sack with you, you will find that lunch time is not just a plain ritual. It has a cheerful quality that will make you enjoy your meal. If you have been tired looking around for business gifts for this season then this stylish lunch sack is the perfect answer to your problem. Instead of gifting regular corporate gifts, you can create an impression with these contemporary bags. You can get your company’s logo imprinted on the sacks. It is so convenient to carry your lunch to office everyday with this functional deluxe lunch sack!

This trendy and useful lunch sacks are also good for school kids and they do not have to worry about food leaking in their bags. The main compartments are watertight and therefore there is no question of making a mess. You can carry dry items like cookies, chocolates, and protein bars in the front pocket. It is quite spacious. This lunch sack is also great for picnics and traveling.

These sacks are available in three vibrant colors. Thus, you can buy either hunter green, royal blue, or red. All three of them look amazing. You can place your now, as we will get it produced in 24 hours.

For outdoor items like picnic coolers and bags, you should take a look at our website. You will be surprised to discover a range of product such as 48-can collapsible cooler, collapsible party cooler, Koozie rolling kooler, chillin' bowl, multi-purpose cooler, rolling collapsible cooler, and more.

Are you ready to venture to unexplored lands or will you tread on those beaten tracks? Whatever your choice is, remember to stay equipped with this deluxe lunch sack.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chill Out with Coffee this Holiday

It feels so nice when you receive gifts from people you love. However, it feels even better when you gift someone something that you really liked. Now if you think this Two Tone Bistro Mug is great, the person you will be gifting it to, will definitely like it as well. That is for sure.

What is more? Along with this stunning bistro-style mug, you get to make a pick between 1 packet of coffee or 2 packets of cocoa. Thus, depending on your personal preference you can choose between the two variants. You have yummy choices like Vanilla Coffee, Columbian Coffee, and Supreme & White Chocolate. That is really delicious. What is your choice – coffee or cocoa?

You can get this beautiful two tone coffee mugs in four color combinations – white-red, white-black, white-blue, and white-green. Don’t you think this is a great holiday gift? If you think this is the best chance to promote your business then gift these mugs to your clients. You can get the logo on your company imprinted on the bistro style mugs. Remember that, this is the rush season, so place your order right now. Do not delay, if you don’t want to miss it. We can product this product for you in 24 hour, so hurry up.

If you are a true coffee addict then now you have a reason to drink more coffee. Coffee times this holiday are sure to be more fun and relaxed with these amazing and stylish coffee mugs. To look at a range of other drink ware, mugs & travel mugs, drinkware gift sets, sport bottle gift set, vacation day gift set , pedestal gift set, dip mug gift set, and other surprising gifts, you can visit our website. Have a happy holiday and cheers to all you coffee-drinkers.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It Is Time for Some Illumination

The season of happiness and light is not far away. It is right there at the corner. Aren’t we all counting the days left for Christmas, but have toy forgotten about those gifts which you have to choose for countless people, at home, office, and a host of other places. Don’t forget that you also have to buy some functional and trendy business gifts for your clients. After all, they are the ones who support you all the time. So what are the gifts that you can choose for them? How about Solar or Dynamo Flashlights?

The idea sounds great and your business clients will like them for sure. This Dynamo Flashlight is solar powered, so you will not be exhausting non-renewable resources anymore. That is good thing for conserving energy. You can use it anywhere you want to or the need arises. Therefore, it is handy at office, home, in a boat, car or other places. In times of disaster and emergencies, this smart and sleek flashlight serves good purpose.

This LED flashlight comes with a siren and blink switch. You also get a charger so that you can give the flashlight a long lasting charge, so that it goes on and on. It has a solar panel for continuous daylight charging. It features green and red LED indicators, an ultra bright LED light, and 360 telescopic antenna. What is remarkable about this gift is that it also has AM/FM Radio with External DC Jack and Earphone Jack. The NiCad rechargeable battery is replaceable. It weighs only 1.89 pounds, so you can well imagine how light and convenient it is for use. You can visit our website to look at other flashlights.

This is the rush season and if you like the product then make your order right now. It will take 24 hours to get it produced and delivered to you.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Say Merry Christmas with This Wine Set

Christmas means a time for celebration and merrymaking. If you want to make this season special for your friends or clients, then you should gift them the best presents possible. Of course, they should fit in your budget. Have you heard of the Laguiole Trios 3-piece Wine Set? Visit our site today and discover what a true gem it is.

This 3 piece wine set is a perfect gift if you are looking for something classic and that which reflects excellent craftsmanship dating back to some centuries. The wine set looks just like the ones created in the old days by French knife makers. It is very light and weighs just 2 pounds.

Why just Christmas? This gift is ideal for any occasion of your choice. You will find the receivers glowing with joy with this impressive gift. Inside the display box made of natural grain wood, you will find a thermometer, a combination bottle opener cum knife, and a stainless steel wine stopper. What’s more? The wooden case comes with an easy sliding lid. The wood accents are aesthetic as well.

You can place your order right now. The product number is 24876 and hurry up. This item can be produced and packed in 24 hours. So don’t waste your time. Remember this is the rush season and we are here to help you in every possible way. You can get the name or logo of your company stamped on the box.

If you are interested in other similar products like wine gift sets, New York corkscrew set, wine carry bag, cheese board, and various other wine and beverage accessories then you can browse through the website, Discover a world of the most elegant gifts for this season, for promoting your company, and pleasing your friends.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get Weather Forecasts in the Tips of your Fingers

Are you in a fix about choosing the best promotional gifts for your company? Take a look at High Sierra Tahoe Portable Weather Station. It is a unique gift and your clients and customers will definitely be impressed. This business gift is perfect for anyone who likes to go on weekend excursions or loves traveling in general.

Now what are the features that make this gift so special? It is a weather station with an alarm clock. Whenever you go, you will be able to figure out the indoor and outdoor temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius. You also get temperature updates regularly. It allows you to find out the weather forecast for the next eight hours or so. You also get forecast updates in every 2 hours.

With clear weather icons such as Clear Sky, Rain, Party Cloudy, and Cloudy, you will have necessary information in your hand. If you want to check out the outdoor humidity, then this cute portable station will display the humidity ranging from about 20%-95%. Of course, every minute you will get the humidity updates. Don’t let its small size fool you. It has the capacity to measure barometric pressure every 15 minutes. This small wonder also has an outdoor remote sensor.

If you are looking for compasses and outdoor tools such as custom imprinted pop-up binoculars, 6 function adventure knives, rubber flashlights, FM radio pedometers, camping lantern, pc hiking set, charger, mini knife, and other items then you are free to browse through our website. You will surely find a gift of your choice. It weighs just 0.62 pounds, so you can imagine how light it is. You can carry it along with you whenever you set out to a new place.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Discover the Child in You With This New Game

If you want to promote your business then here is a new way of doing it. If you have got bored of the usual diaries, pens, calendars, and similar articles, then you can try gifting games. What about an Electronic Hand Held Ludo? This can be a new kind of gift and your customers will love it.

This Ludo game has both two-player and one-player options. You will never get tired of this battery-operated game. Do you want to know about the other features of the game? It can also function as an alarm clock and comes with a wonderful multi-function LCD screen. The perpetual calendar will help you keep track of important dates. You can display the time either in the 24-hour or12-hour format. Another great thing about this game is the indoor temperature display on Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

You will have no problem operating the game, as the instructions are included. You will also get a button cell battery with it. This cute game is very sleek and small, so that it fits easily in a corner of your bag. You can play the game while on the go and whenever you feel bored. In fact, you will always stay occupied if you play this game.

You can visit our website if you want to browse through our other ranges of games and promotional gifts.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Quench Your Thirst with a Trendy Steel Water Bottle

Come summer and you will definitely need to sip water from a bottle time to time to hydrate your body. What can be a better gift than our stylish stainless steel water bottles? Whether it is school or office, you certainly cannot do without a good water bottle. You even require it even on the go. At Forte Promo, you can buy this single-wall water bottle made of Japanese stainless steel. What is amazing about the bottle is that the material is much stronger than aluminum and it will certainly last for many years. Do not worry about safety as you are guaranteed to get safe drinking water.

Such corporate promotional gifts will certainly create a great impact on your customers. The water bottle has some excellent features like a wide mouth for easy drinking and a twist top spout to get ice. It has a beautiful Starline design and is made of materials compliant with FDA. This lightweight and trendy bottle has a hinged closure and an automatic vent valve. You can also have a look at the incredibly huge range of plastic bottles, sports bottles, and other business promotional gifts at Forte Promo.

Remember that the item number for this water bottle is 26756. The item will be ready to get shipped in 5 business days, once you place the order.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get Set Going With Stylish Departure Mono Bags

Promoting a business had never been easier. All you need to do is pick up some trendy departure mono bags at Forte Promo and you will be set to delight everyone. One glance at the bag and your customers will be flattered. To promote your company we can embroider the name of your logo on the bags. Available in one shade and one location silkscreen, the bag is something everyone will die to possess.

Made of poly and ripstop fabric, the bag ensures that it is durable and never lets you down when you want go somewhere. Planning to go on your own for a one-day or weekend getaway? Just throw in some necessary articles in the bag and you are ready to move.

The bag comes with a slash pocket and huge main compartment. The front pocket has a key fob. The haul handle is comfortable, convenient and will not give you a backache. The mono sling strap has a built-in cell phone holder and is adjustable. Isn’t that great? The padded back panel will give you all the comfort that you want. Your gift will be ready for shipping in only 10 business days. Give us a call at the earliest to find out more about the item.

You can visit our website to find out some excellent corporate promotional gifts such as back packs, brief bags, totes, and other bags. You will be amazed at the wide range of high-quality products that we offer and also learn about other corporate gift ideas.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Promotional Products Advertising More Effective than TV!

This is a great article! In a tight economy, it pays to buy promotional products - more bang for your advertising buck! $0.004 per impression! The best value of any advertising medium.

TREVOSE, PA – November 10, 2008 - Advertising Specialty Institute®, the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, revealed today in a groundbreaking new study that advertising specialties beat out all forms of TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

The comprehensive study was completed by a team of interviewers who surveyed travelers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia*. Respondents were asked if they had received any advertising specialties in the last 12 months and the majority were businesspeople over age 21.

Among key findings, results indicate that:

84% of people remember the advertiser on a product they receive.
42% have a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving an advertising specialty.
Nearly one quarter, or 24%, indicate that they are more likely to do business with an advertiser on items they receive.
Most respondents (62%) have done business with the advertiser on a product after receiving it.
Writing instruments are the most commonly-owned advertising specialty, with 54% of respondents owning them, followed by shirts, caps and bags.
The majority (81%) of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful.
More than three-quarters of respondents have had their items for about seven months.
Among wearables, bags were reported to be used most frequently, with respondents indicating that they use their bags on average nine times per month.
Bags deliver the most impressions, with 1,038 impressions per month on average.
The average cost-per-impression of an advertising specialty item is $0.004, making it less expensive per impression than nearly any other media. (According to Nielsen Media data, the CPI for a national magazine ad is $0.033; a newspaper ad is $0.0129; a prime time TV ad is $0.019; a cable TV ad is $0.007; a syndicated TV ad is $0.006; and a spot radio ad is $0.005)

These statistics conclude that marketers get a more favorable return on investment from advertising specialties than almost any other popular media, with a very low cost-per-impression, high recall among those who receive ad specialty items, and increased intent among recipients to make purchases from the advertiser.

“During a time when we’re facing turbulent economic conditions, this research advises marketers and business owners to invest in advertising specialties now more than ever,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of the Advertising Specialty Institute. “Advertising specialties provide measurable results for a very reasonable investment.”

“Distributors and suppliers should use these results to educate their customers, prospects and end-buyers about the power of advertising specialties and how they increase sales and brand exposure,” Andrews continued. “Ad specialties are essentially gifts that break through the information clutter, reach consumers on a personal level, and provide real impact in a creative way.”

Advertising specialties, or promotional products, are items branded with a corporate logo or message that are used as an incentive, a gift or as part of an advertising campaign; and the industry comprises a 13% share of the advertising marketplace, with $19.6 billion in sales for 2007.

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Create A Cheerful Atmosphere At Office With These Promotional Accent Mugs

Are you looking for ways of promoting your company and pleasing your clients at the same time? Well now, you can surprise your old as well as new customers in a warm manner. Thanks to the beautiful accent mugs by Forte Promo. These large and colorful mugs have a capacity of 22 oz. each. Made of ironstone ceramic, the mugs are our latest addition in the category. The classic bistro style mugs come with a large capacity and are certain to impress everyone.

At Forte Promo, we offer a wonderful range of custom designed mugs, ceramic mugs, travel mugs, and drink ware, and various other corporate promotional gifts. If you want a mug of another color or want to include other features like rim halo, rim band, wraparound imprint, and metal ink for additional charges then we are more than wiling to customize them for you.

Our delivery system is very prompt and your product will be ready for shipping in just 5 business days. Hurry and place you order if you want these cheerful ceramic mugs. If you are interested in buying this product then make sure that you remember that the item number is 36162.

You are free to visit our website to browse through some of the other business promotional gifts that we offer such as custom imprinted and colored foot & rim mugs, ceramic desk mugs, coffee mugs, marble ironstone mugs, dip mugs, and more.

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