Friday, August 29, 2008

Get A Good Grip On Your Promotional Campaign

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a cell phone, iPod or PDA. That’s why our Gadget Grips 4-Piece Pack and Cell Mate Phone Holder are such effective promotional choices.

These handy items fit almost all handheld gadgets, including PDAs, MP3 players and cell phones. They can even be used to hold your sunglasses or spare change! Thanks to friction and a unique patented material, they grip small items tightly and prevent them from sliding or slipping on any smooth surface. We can emboss or screen print either product with your company name and logo in two different colors.

Customers love to place these gadget grips and phone holders on the dashboard of their vehicle. They can keep their cell phone or sunglasses within easy reach while they are driving. They also never have to worry about having anything slide right off the dash while they are taking a sharp corner or driving over an unpaved road.

Remember to order these customized items for your next antique car club meeting or to attract customers to your car dealership or auto body shop. Recipients at car shows will line up at your booth if you give away these handy promotional items.

Our phone holders and gadget grips are also perfect for advertising your automotive education programs at your college or technical university. Why not order them to promote your environmentally-friendly car sharing network?

Please visit our website for more high quality promotional auto accessories.

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