Thursday, July 31, 2008 a cool tool to quickly generate graphics

A friend, Rick Matson training expert (blog to come later), showed me It is cool tool that allows you to make some really neat graphics using text. Text can be pasted in or pulled from a site with a RSS feed automatically or Enter a user name to see their tags. It then makes a type of tag cloud that increases a words size based on the frequency of that word. The design can then be changed by modifying color, font, layout.
Here is a promo wordle that I quickly created.
Try it out with some of your promotional ideas.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Use golf products to promote your business

People have a passion for golf. So connecting your business with that desire is a natural way to keep your customers using your branded product. This article about promotional golf products discusses the many opportunities to use golf as theme to connect with your customers or brand your event.

Trade Show Giveaways
Sporting Event Promotions
Promotional Fundraisers
Corporate Golf Tournaments
Volunteer Thank You Gifts
Employee Fitness Incentives
Company Picnics

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Light Up Your Way To New Business!

During the longer summer days, many people enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and camping. Therefore, why not give away our mini aluminum LED flashlights during your summer promotional campaigns?

These small but powerful lights contain 9 ultra-bright white LEDs. The best part is that every light will continue to function even if one burns out. This makes these mini flashlights a great safety item. They are so small that they can be easily tucked into a child’s knapsack or purse.

Available in blue, silver or red, these mini LED flashlights can be laser engraved with your company name and logo. Hand them out at summer picnics, fundraising events for your outdoor or hiking club, trade shows and conferences.

Recipients can use these flashlights everywhere they go. They are a very effective way to promote your outdoor store, tour agency, summer camp, safety seminar, car dealership, fishing resort or hydro company. Don’t forget to give away these mini flashlights during your October marketing campaigns. Kids can use them to safely navigate the streets during Halloween!
Be sure to check out our website for more great promotional flashlights.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Keep Your Company Name On Everyone’s Lips

Looking for a way to remind prospective and current customers about your company? Our promotional easy-twist lip balm is the perfect solution!

Available in delicious cool mint, tropical or coconut flavors, these lip balms can be screen printed with your company name and logo. What makes this lip balm unique is the easy-twist applicator that requires only one hand to adjust. Best of all, the lip balm contains an SPF-23 sunblock to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Everyone who receives one of these soothing lip balms is sure to carry it around wherever they go during the summer months. That’s why you should hand them out at all of your promotional events, including trade shows, conferences and seminars.

If you work for a travel agency, health care center, hospital, beauty store, tanning salon, these flavored lip balms make the perfect giveaway. Don’t forget to hand them out to promote your ski shop, company ski trip or winter resort.

Our easy-twist lip balm will protect your customers from sun exposure all year long while increasing your company’s exposure. With every twist of the applicator, recipients will think of your company!

This promotional item is also available as a 24-hour rush so order them now while the summer sun is still hot.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Survive The Sun With Our Sunnies Survival Kit

With the hot summer sun ablaze, be sure to order our promotional sunnies survival kits for your next marketing campaign! Available in a bright sunny yellow, they can be screen printed with your company name and logo in your choice of gold, silver white or black.

In addition to providing a cheerful case to keep your sunglasses well protected, our sunnies survival kits also include a lens cloth, aloe vera gel packet and a 1-ounce bottle of SPF-30 sunscreen. The bottle is small enough to carry with you wherever you go so you can keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay. If you venture outdoors and forget to apply the sunscreen, you can always apply the soothing aloe vera gel.

Hand out our survival kits at your next summer trade show and remember to give them to all your employees during your company baseball tournament or family picnic.

This kit will protect your glasses as well as your skin all summer long!

Be sure to visit our site for more great promotional summer items such as picnic coolers, barbeque sets and compasses.

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