Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Little Humor Goes A Long Way

If you want to get your marketing message across, remember to add a little humor whenever possible. Humor gets people’s attention and helps them retain information so use it to your advantage! Just think of the television or magazine ads that catch your attention – they’re probably the ones that make you laugh.

You can apply the same principle to promote your company. Try to find whimsical items that will bring a smile to recipients.

I’m sure visitors at your next tradeshow will remember a personalized piggy bank or the penny saved memo holder they receive from your financial services booth – especially if they’re expecting a mug or keychain. Our custom round “tuit” is sure to bring a laugh once people realize the importance of getting “around to it.”

If you own a fitness club or personal training company, why not hand out our couch potato stress balls? Wedding planners can surprise prospective clients by handing out our customized bride stress balls at the next wedding fair.

If you’re a dentist looking for a way to relieve anxious patients, our customized tooth stress ball is sure to do the trick! Even traditional promotional items such as pens can be fun if you choose our screenprinted globe stressball pen or candy dandy pen with peppermint scented ink.

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. You’ll create a more positive and lasting impression if you incorporate a little humor into your next marketing campaign. Just make sure you choose humor that reflects well on your company and is appropriate for the corporate world.

Visit our website for more fun promotional products that will get people laughing and remembering your company!

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