Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Learn From A Creative Marketing Shark!

Are you looking for an original way to market your products? Perhaps, you should follow the lead of creative marketing genius and author, Steven Hall!

In an effort to promote his book, The Raw Shark Texts, Hall devised a clever marketing strategy. He started off emailing CBC’s Rachel Giese with a request to take an online inkblot test which revealed slight paranoia. Next came a typewritten letter with the cryptic message: “First things first, stay calm.” The document was made to look like it was actually sent by Rachel herself.

Within a few days, another letter arrived confirming Rachel’s membership in the Unspace Exploration Committee. Last but not least, a business card arrived containing only a typed “I need to speak to you” message and telephone number. When Rachel called, she received a recorded message warning her not to read any letters she may receive from herself, and under no circumstances to read the book, The Raw Shark Texts.

If this isn’t creative marketing, I don’t what is. Steven Hall expresses his wise decision to take a different promotional approach for his new book: “The way to be unique now is finding a new angle to something familiar.” Despite a relatively small marketing budget, Steven managed to create a large buzz for his book. The initial print run in the US was 100,000 copies, a very impressive feat for a small publishing company and first-time author.

Forte Promo has always realized the importance of finding new ways to creatively market your products or services. We offer an extensive selection of unique promotional products such as our handy Icon Space Ring, fun Gypsy Decision Maker or custom bobble heads.

They’re sure to create a memorable impression and take a bite out of your competition during your next marketing campaign!

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