Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time for a New Marketing Promotion?

Try our custom elastic wrist watch! They’re the hottest new fashion in watches.

Available in many exciting colors, our fashionable watches can be screen printed with a company name or logo. The elastic strap adjusts to fit any wrist, and they look great.

Don’t waste time with boring promotional items at your next career or corporate fair - watch long lineups form at your booth when you hand out our watches. Watch sales soar when you give away these handy items at your next promotional event.

Planning a company sporting event or corporate picnic? Find time to give colleagues a watch as a token of appreciation for their hard work. Friends and family members will also love elastic watches.

Stressed about employees who never show up on time for work? Help them out by distributing our personalized elastic wrist watches. They’ll have no excuse to miss Monday meetings!

Clients will also remember it’s time to contact your company every time they look at their wrist.

For other timely promotional products, check out our great selection of custom imprinted men’s and women’s watches, wall clocks, desk clocks and travel clocks.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Rally Your Team or Event to Victory…

…with our promotional rally towels!

Our cotton terry Port & Company® rally towel is available in many exciting colors and can be screen printed or embroidered with your team name, logo, message or event date. Our handy rally towels are a great way to raise funds for a project or organization, promote a team, advertise a sporting event or boost team spirit!

Sports teams love our personalized rally towels. Give one to every member of your racing car club or to players and parents of your children’s soccer team. Everyone will enjoy using our towels to cheer on their favorite players. If you’re the director of a high school or college sports team, hand out these towels at your next game to encourage more spectators and boost team spirit.

Give away customized rally towels during trade shows or use them to cheer employees during corporate sporting events. Create excitement during a promotional event by handing out screen printed rally towels. Sports fans can show their support and help you advertise your event! Schools and charitable organizations can also sell custom rally towels as a spirited fund raiser.

Our logo rally towels will be a big hit with every sports fan! If you’re looking for promotional items for your next corporate golf tournament, we also sell custom grommeted golf towels.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Fresh New Marketing Idea…

Are you tired of working on a stale marketing campaign with recycled ideas?

Does the idea of giving away yet another traditional promotional item leave a sour taste in your mouth?
Well, our custom peppermint-flavored breath mints are sure to do the trick! You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so create a sweet one with our promotional breath mints.

Available as a 50-count, our powerful mints are contained in a convenient credit card style package that will easily fit in a wallet or pocket. You can choose a custom screen printed label in your choice of colors. We can also add a clever “appoint-mint” reminder on the back of the mints.

You can hand these packages out at trade shows to promote your new business, at charity functions to advertise your non-profit club or event or at corporate conferences where mints are sure to be a welcome post-dinner hit.

Forte Promo also offers an imprinted rectangular mint tin with your choice of colors and 10 delicious flavors. Another very popular choice is our promotional slim mint card that holds 50 sugar-free mints in three different flavors.

We’ll help you create a fresh new outlook for your marketing campaign. With our promotional mints, your company name will remain on the tip of everyone’s tongue!

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Learn From A Creative Marketing Shark!

Are you looking for an original way to market your products? Perhaps, you should follow the lead of creative marketing genius and author, Steven Hall!

In an effort to promote his book, The Raw Shark Texts, Hall devised a clever marketing strategy. He started off emailing CBC’s Rachel Giese with a request to take an online inkblot test which revealed slight paranoia. Next came a typewritten letter with the cryptic message: “First things first, stay calm.” The document was made to look like it was actually sent by Rachel herself.

Within a few days, another letter arrived confirming Rachel’s membership in the Unspace Exploration Committee. Last but not least, a business card arrived containing only a typed “I need to speak to you” message and telephone number. When Rachel called, she received a recorded message warning her not to read any letters she may receive from herself, and under no circumstances to read the book, The Raw Shark Texts.

If this isn’t creative marketing, I don’t what is. Steven Hall expresses his wise decision to take a different promotional approach for his new book: “The way to be unique now is finding a new angle to something familiar.” Despite a relatively small marketing budget, Steven managed to create a large buzz for his book. The initial print run in the US was 100,000 copies, a very impressive feat for a small publishing company and first-time author.

Forte Promo has always realized the importance of finding new ways to creatively market your products or services. We offer an extensive selection of unique promotional products such as our handy Icon Space Ring, fun Gypsy Decision Maker or custom bobble heads.

They’re sure to create a memorable impression and take a bite out of your competition during your next marketing campaign!

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Looking For A Hip Promotional Item?

Try our custom screen printed hipsters!
These handy items will hold most of today’s hottest personal electronic accessories. Our holders contain elastic side panels that will expand to fit most of the popular iPods, MP3 players, Blackberries and cell phones. Best of all, you can clip them to a purse, belt or bag so they’ll always be in easy reach.

Our holders are available in black, blue or silver, and you can choose the color for your silk screened imprint. Order these hip accessories printed with your company address and logo for your next large corporate event.

Given that so many people own personal electronic devices nowadays, they are sure to be a big hit. These items will also increase your marketing power – grateful recipients will be advertising your company everywhere they go!

For a truly unique promotional package, try pairing our screen printed holders with our custom cell phone accessories.

Are you looking for a promotional item with a huge WOW factor?

Order some custom imprinted MP3 players to fit in our personalized holders!

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Advertise in Style with Custom Bracelets!

Are you looking for a creative new way to advertise your company? If you have already tried promotional pens or want something more unique than a traditional personalized mug, we’ve got the product for you!

Why not try our sexy silver silicone bracelets in vivid, eye-catching colors? Our hot new design consists of a metallic overlay on a solid color band. You can choose from bright colors such as orange, royal blue, pink, red, yellow or lime green that is sure to attract attention.

We use a professional laser engraving process so that the bright color of the bracelet shows through. You can choose to imprint your company name or logo on an item that everyone will love to wear.

Just imagine – each recipient will advertise your business on their wrist for everyone to see!

Bracelets aren’t just for men anymore. So don’t forget to purchase a set of bracelets for your next corporate picnic or baseball tournament. Your employees will be easy to spot and everyone will want to know where they can get one!

You’ll also attract long lineups at your booth when you use these hot bracelets as trade show giveaways. Don’t spend your money on promotional items that will be tucked away into a bag or stuffed into a pocket. Not when you can hand out our hot bracelets that everyone will be proud to wear.

This year, combine fashion and fun with our imprinted silver silicone bracelets!

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